Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey! We made it!

The last day and the trip home were hectic. Unpacking took nearly as long as packing. And then we had all of these stories to tell to family and friends. So, we will wrap up some posts and get some more pictures up just in the interest of closure on the trip before moving on.

We learned so much in such a short time. This was, without a doubt, the best vacation ever. Not only were we relaxed (first 2 week vacation in about 15 years) but we also felt like we had accomplished something. We both teared up a little as we headed back to Red Hook to return the boat. We established some definite sailing likes and dislikes.

I have always felt very lucky to have gotten together with Junie in this world. But, from a boating and sailing perspective, you guys can all be extremely jealous because I have the perfect wife. When we got our first (power) boat, she said 'I would really prefer the Grady-White.' No problem! Later when we finished sailing lessons she says 'We need to get a sailboat.' OK!

So last week, we find ourselves north of Virgin Gorda in 25 knot winds, 6 - 8 foot seas with a little foam on the top. Small craft warnings and heavy surf advisory on the northern shores of the Virgin Islands. An occasional bigger wave pushes us around a bit. And Junie says 'We're going to need a bigger boat.'

What did I do right?

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