Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marina Cay Adventure

After our customs stop and provisioning we were so anxious to get on our way; we dropped the mooring ball and split. Leaving Soper's Hole, we were guided out of the Harbour by two dolphin - what a way to start! Today was a serious sailing day. We had a 15 mile route planned, which, with the wind at our bow translated to 25+ with tacking. We had all three sails out in 17-22 knot winds and 3-6 foot seas. What a ride. Absolutely gorgeous and so much fun!

We decided to kick in the "iron genny" for the last couple of miles to ensure that we got to Marina Cay before dark. The approach to this tiny tropical island is surrounded by reefs and the marked "conspicuous rock". We got to the mooring field happy to see that there was a mooring available. It was a race with a sailboat who was trailing us. That's when we realized in our rush to leave Sopers Hole, that we had left the boat hook on the foredeck. It had not managed to hang on during the heeling. Hmmm. Now what. How will we pick up the mooring with no boat hook?

So we circled and considered our options. While circling we saw several other moorings were available. Good. We did a drive by of the gas dock and asked to borrow a boat hook. Yes. They handed us one as we sped past in the wind and current. Of course, 10+ boats were watching.

We survived the drama, returned their boat hook and asked to buy one. Nope. None available. So, Duane made one out of a dingy oar, two plastic hangers and 7 yards of duct tape. We are real sailors now.

We are now at Pussers loving the wifi, music, view and life.

Marina Cay


Our new boat hook


  1. Does this mean now Duane should be known as Captain Hook????

    We are loving the blog, keep the posts coming! Sounds like you are having a fabulous time - we miss you!!

  2. What fun, and you guys are real sailors for sure. McGiver Duane is looking smashing in his hat! We know you won't return, and we will miss you for a long time. Dennis is looking at sailboats on the internet..........uh oh...... Amazing vacation!