Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trouble in Paradise

Not for Us!

On Tuesday, we sailed to St. John, USVI found a mooring off of Caneel Bay and took our dinghy to Cruz Bay to clear customs. We felt like real cruisers as we carried our dirty laundry through the streets in search of a laundromat. We found a trashy one and spent an hour or so watching soap operas.

We rewarded ourselves with a great sandwich from a really cute shop and then headed back to the boat.

As evening was settling in, we watched as a new sailboat entered the mooring area. There were two couples on board. I noticed that they did a bad job tying off to the mooring.

Less than 30 minutes later, we saw a US Coast Guard Cutter "Reef Shark" circling and then the new boat was boarded by three armed coasties who had quickly arrived in the fastest, coolest orange dinghy. The two couples were hauled off and even though we stayed for two nights, they had not returned. Cool but creepy.

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