Sunday, April 29, 2012

From Ocracoke

The peaceful achorage at Ocracoke turned into a windy, choppy night. We were very worried about the anchor holding since we have very limited experience. Other boats that looked far away in the daylight with a breeze from the northwest looked bigger and closer at night with 25 - 30 knot winds from the north. Everybody swing!
Regardless, we all slept soundly (due to previous short nights, long days). We got up and had coffee and reflected again on how nice our new floating home really was - sort of like camping in a condo. Also, inside of SeaClearly is cozy. To the point that you have no idea how bad the weather is outside. When we went out to clear the decks and prep to leave, we found out. Just plain snotty. We already expected the wind change and that we were probably motoring all day headed north. The wind speed was (as usual) a good bit higher than the mechanical voice on Channel 4. We decided to go anyway since our (again, limited) experience had shown us that SeaClearly doesn't mind the weather much.
Weighing anchor was a bit more exciting than dropping. Junie and Jeffrey were on anchor duty. As soon as the hook came off the bottom, we started blowing toward shore. They were diligently trying to wash down the chain and couldn't quite understand why I was yelling 'Get it up! Get it up!' (Sorry, no pictures. There are seldom pictures of the difficult situations because, well, everybody was busy) We got underway safely but the resultant Silver Lake mud that made it into the anchor locker would come back to haunt us.

This is the picture that met us as we turned north out of the channel. Fortunately for us, we were 'sailing on the patio'  motoring along in the comfort of our full enclosure. The Pamlico Sound has a nasty reputation and it was giving us a small taste today. Steep waves, short period, multi-directional 4 - 6 foot seas with constant 25 - 30 + winds. As spray flew over the cabin roof and 6 inch rivers of water streamed down the decks, we were warm and dry and commenting things like 'Wow, it's ugly out there' as though it were somewhere else. SeaClearly is a wonderful, solid platform.

So, we motored along for several hours, mashing waves, checking routes, snacks. The weather and the seas improved a little bit. We started entertaining ourselves chasing down the flies that had joined us. Remember that Silver Lake mud? Apparently it attracts visitors.

Everything was just great until the Engine Temperature light came on. I know. This is starting to read like a serial adventure. Hey, I'm just telling the story.

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