Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leaving Oriental

It takes a good deal of logistical planning to leave the dock - even for a short trip and, especially, when you are still learning your boat. First, the crew. Our middle son, Jeffrey, from Denver enthusiastically volunteered to fly out and help us bring SeaClearly home. We were grateful for the offer and set that up before he changed his mind.
The calendar is always a challenge at our house. Between business trips and daily life, it can be tough to get things to align. Short story - April 10, June was home (a somewhat rare occasion for the business traveler), I was driving back from a trip and Jeffrey was flying into Norfolk and picking up a Hertz car to ferry us to Oriental. It is always a surprise when these things come together. By 5:00 pm, we are packed into the rental and headed down the (familiar) road to Oriental.
We have been watching weather windows for 2 weeks and we are looking pretty good. After our grounding on arrival to Oriental a few weeks back, we are still nervous about the water level. And, with good reason. On a good water day, SeaClearly's deck is at, or slightly above, the bulkhead at Deaton's. We arrive to find her deck 2 feet below the bulkhead and only reading 0.4 feet of water. Not good.
But, we start down our checklist and hope for the best. There were a few minor repairs (not the stuff that makes interesting blogs), packing, unpacking, returning the rental car (thanks to Karen Deaton for the use of her car) and a couple of cans of diesel for comfort.  We took a few minutes for a glass of wine and a planning session then quick sleep.

April 11- I woke up first and one glance out the port tells me all I need to know. It is sunny and clear and I am looking over the bulkhead! The water came in during the night. We are out of here!

Our next stop is Ocracoke. Junie has our course plotted in both the Raymarine and the iPad nav tools. We run through our list again and take care of the last, important item before departure - Christening. We are firm believers in satisfying the powers-that-be but probably not as superstitious as some. I did buy a pretty good bottle of Champagne from Chip's Wine Market. Since Chip and Tammy were such an influence on our decision to make this leap, I figure it has to be good karma. Thanks guys.
With our crew and a few of our boatyard friends in attendance, we did a slightly abridged modified new English version of renaming, poured champagne onto SeaClearly (not on the teak!) and into the waters to appease the gods of the sea. Then, it seemed like rather quickly, we were shoving off.

All of our worries about depth were ungrounded (sorry) and we cleared the channel without incident. Soon, we were under full sail and headed East. Unbelieveable!


  1. YAY! Oh, what a feeling... congratulations on so many HUGE steps. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.


  2. I miss the cruising lifestyle already! Can't wait for our next big trip. Love - Jeffrey

  3. We are so happy for you both! SeaClearly is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Keep the posts coming!
    Aimee & Richard