Monday, April 2, 2012

Survey Day Recap

We have been a little slow with updates because a lot has happened. The next few entries should help us catch-up and, also, remember how much has gone on.

We had our offer accepted. And then, the logistical fun begins!

Arranging survey, travel schedules, writing checks (the first of many), phone calls, phone calls. And then the 'Holy s#@%!" What are we doing?! The recurring thought is ' We are just too stupid to buy this boat'. This boat has already been more places than I ever dreamed of going. She may reject us.

Regardless, we are off and running.

Survey Day dawned bright and clear. Michele (our broker), Mike (the soon-to-be-previous owner), Bert (the Surveyor), John (the other broker) all showed up on-time with appropriate amounts of coffee. Everything went very well. We learned a lot, saw a lot. Mike was great and gave us insights into systems and operation that were not obvious. All in all, a good time was had by everyone. I can't believe that all surveys and sea trials go like this but we had an excellent time. And we started setting precedents. We ran aground. More on this later.

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