Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dolphins are always good

I was reading some blog site the other day and the question was posed "When are you too old to be sailing?" There were many opinions - 60's, 70's, several 80+ sailors responded.

But my favorite answer was:

"No matter what age, when you stop saying 'Wow! Dolphins! Cool!' quit sailing and move ashore"

We left Manteo Saturday morning in a dead calm. We were, basically, a trawler with a big stick. But it was still pleasant. Then, the dolphins showed up. Five, ten, a couple dozen. Playing in our bow wake, leaping out of the water beside us, cruising along behind seeing what we stirred up.

 It was cool.

Junie, of course, was calling the dolphins as she has for years - "Hey Babies! Hey Babies!". Roux is also fascinated by them and, despite the fact that he was recovering from a restless night sleeping out in the cockpit while we were in Manteo, he was running around the deck barking. Or maybe he is saying "Hey Babies!". Who knows.

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