Wednesday, May 2, 2012


April 13, 2012 - Friday the 13th. Absolutely nothing unlucky about this day for us. SeaClearly has come home. Our friends Dennis and Marsha were at the Colington Harbour Sound Park to welcome us home and get videos of us gliding in. Thanks for the welcoming committee!

After weeks of lying awake wondering what this would be like, we were making the last few canal turns to bring her to her new homeport.
Our next-door neighbors (and friends), Jack and MaryLou, are waiting for us with cameras and cheers. More welcoming committee! How cool is that?

The dock work (which, some of you know, has been in-process for a ridiculously long time) got done just in time. The work barge is still there but we have a pier and mooring poles. We have shore power, even lights.

Now, for the final challenge of the morning - docking the new boat in the new slip with the neighbors watching and filming. What are the odds of this going well?

But, we are blessed with favorable winds and a lucky Friday the 13th and we, collectively, nail it. Don't even rub a rubrail. We are in!

Within a short time, we have the entire family around, neighbors and friends, and a good old-fashioned cookout going on. Thanks to everyone for coming. It isn't long before there is a group of folks sitting around the cockpit talking about boats. This is perfect.

We have had a wonderful trip, learned a lot, got along OK because of what we know and inspite of what we don't. Now we start the real journey - really learning the boat, the systems, the processes, getting to know our sailing-selves better, putting things in their boxes and learning to think outside of them. Suddenly, the time we have allotted to come up to speed and head off on our sailing adventures doesn't seem very long. 

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