Wednesday, May 2, 2012


April 12-13, 2012 - Once we got past our engine trouble, we had a pleasant day sailing up the Pamilco towards Manteo. We actually had a 'Plan B' point where would have to divert to an anchorage if it looked like we couldn't make it all the way before dark. We were making good time when the decision point came so we kept moving.

The last stretch of the day is a very familiar route for us. We have, many times, gone from Colington down to Oregon Inlet, into the ocean and back. We never had to contend with a 5' 6 draft or a 56' mast clearance. So our concerns focused on hitting bottom and hitting top. We stayed to the channel and knew the turns so bottom was not a problem. When we got to the bridge near Pirate's Cove the evening was settling in - still, flat, getting dark. The recorded bridge clearance is 'around 60 feet' - not very comforting. We eased up to the bridge and got so nervous that we, literally, came to a complete stop and drifted under the bridge. Man, that looks close looking straight up!
It was dark as we made the turn(s) into Manteo but, once again, these are familiar waters. A little help from the charter got us into the anchorage right off the lighthouse without trouble. (Well, there was one bit of excitement when we almost took out an unlit sailboat).

Many times we have been to Manteo and have seen the boats anchored there and wondered who they were. This time, it was us.

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