Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trying to get up-to-date

It has taken a couple of weeks to get this blog updated and tell the story of SeaClearly's homecoming trip. Now, I will try to stay a little more current. Filling in the past couple of weeks:
  • We took the kids (hardly kids, anymore - sorry guys) and kids-in-law out for a sail. I think they are questioning our sanity. So are we.
  • Started taking things apart, replacing things, maintenance schedules, lists.
    Spares behind batteries! Who knew!

  • Found yet another storage locker that we had never seen (small compartment, under the settee, behind the house batteries). Full of watermaker spares. Sweet!
  • Set sail on a 3 hour tour - and, yes, it turned out like it sounds.
We left the dock right after one of Junie's 5:30 conference calls. I was preped to go, Roux (105 lb Chocolate Lab) went with us, casted off the lines. We were having a great time playing with the sails, investigating reefing line issues, talking about procedures. We had the full cutter rig flying and making a respectable 4.2 knots in not much wind when I glanced down and saw our depth getting skinny. The words 'We are going to need to come about real soon or...' didn't quite make it out of my mouth before we came to a soft, gooey stop in the Albemarle mud. Now, mind you, we know better than to be this far north coming out of Colington. We were just distracted, having too much fun with the new toy.

The wind is from the north, we need to go south - seems easy. We should just blow off. We have the full rig out. Yeah, right. We tried several common tricks but stayed stuck. By now, it is starting to get late. Beautiful sunset but the wind is shifting to the northeast - not good for us. That is the wind that sucks all of the water out of our side of the sound. I finally overcome my embarassment and we breakdown and call our BoatUS buddies. Their recommendation is to avoid trying to tow us at night. If you are OK, just sit tight and we will see you in the morning.

So, we did. We called our neighbors to let them know we decided to anchor out (then we fessed up). It was really not bad. We had spare clothes, some food, fuel. So, we sat. Our only issue was Roux. He has not, will not, do his business on any boat. Never has. Despite our encouragement, he holds out. For 18 hours.

Morning comes, BoatUS comes. Overnight, most of the Albemarle Sound has gone to Edenton so it takes them almost an hour to drag us to clear water. So much for the new bottom paint. Captain Harry then follows us all the way to Colington and, indeed, has to pull us one more time over the bar into the Harbour.
We get back to the dock and Jack has a 'Welcome Home' sign scribbled on a piece of plywood. The water level has dropped almost 2 1/2 feet from when we left yesterday. Roux was very excited about getting off the boat. Checking out all of the strainers, systems doesn't uncover any serious issues from our episode. More live and learn.

That brings us up to today. The dock work barge is finally gone. We are planning to sail to Manteo for First Friday. Pioneers, they never say die.

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