Monday, August 13, 2012

One of the great things about Cabo Rico (the company) is their attention to detail. We appreciate this more every day. There have been several things we ran into that we didn't quite grasp how it worked - things that did not quite make sense.

Of course, it was our problem of understanding, not Cabo Rico's. Once you figure out what they did, it is usually a perfectly elegant solution. In fact, it crossed my mind that, in some ways, they are sort of like Apple devices - iPads, iPhones. If you stop and think how you would want it to work, that is probably how it does work.

Cabo Rico also delivers a complete set of prints of each individual boat - as-built. Wiring diagrams, schedules of equipment, routing of hoses, on and on. They even have simplified, illustrated user manuals of all key systems. And a complete pictoral history of the build process. We are very grateful that the first 2 owners preserved and passed on these wonderful reference materials. Talk about a benefit to troubleshooting! I am planning to image all of these so we have electronic copies because I have gotten so spoiled I would hate to ever lose them.

Just before disconnecting the Solar controls

Because, we have a lot of maintenance tasks. It is just part of the process.  My iPhone is filled with pictures of things I am about to take apart, things I need to buy and things I have heard could be useful.

Documenting a failed water heater

Junie found an excellent software package (name available on request) to track maintenance tasks and parts inventory. I call it the Quicken of boat maintenance. The setup is tedious but the benefit is an on-going list of things to check, test, replace, operate and replenish. It is just so easy to forget or let time pass without doing these things. While having a never-ending list can be a bit overwhelming, it sure beats the alternative of being surprised by things that don't work or stuff you don't have.

And, maintenance is to sailing like homework is to school classes - 5 hours for each one hour. That may seem like a lot. But somebody recently asked me if SeaClearly had turned out to be more of a pain than we expected. Hmmm. I realized that, for all of the work and hours and learning and research, I never thought of it as a pain. I think my patience is improving. Or maybe I just continue on my journey to 'old boat guy'. That's OK. Because there are also a lot of quiet times and sailing times.


  1. Greyleen's diagrams are beautiful and essential to understand and trouble shoot the electrical system. But make sure that you add all the additional devices and associated wiring that you and the previous owners installed!
    Thierry Danz
    CR 42 #12 Curlew,
    Philadelphia, PA

    1. Thierry, glad you found our blog! I have been a little lax in keeping it up - but I try.
      Funny you mention updating the drawings. I already have one hand-drawn sketch of my recently installed wireless setup waiting to make the official diagrams.
      Hope we get a chance to meet in person sometime!

  2. If only there was a new might take my mind off of my hunger...

    Two months - SERIOUSLY!

  3. OK, I can be shamed into activity. Let me come up with something witty and distracting...