Thursday, October 25, 2012

I have been reminded that I am long overdue for a new post - so, here ya go!
It's been a couple of weeks since we got back from the 2012 Annapolis Boat Show. It was a very cool  long weekend. We got to drive a Container ship, mowed down a sailboat that got in our way, met some fellow Cabo Rico owners, got two highly sought after books (signed by the authors), spent a chunk of our boat funds - and never got on one boat at the show.

Junie bringing a Container ship into San Francisco
So. First, the Container ship. Through one of Junie's many 'best friends' that she meets on airplanes, we got hooked up with MITAGS - the Marine Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies. It is a training campus for Merchant Marines, captains, boat pilots, etc. They have, among other things, a very sophisticated simulator system. It is like a big 360 degree IMAX theater for teaching boat skills. Absolutely amazing.

We got to play with several different boats but the most educational was driving the Container ship. We got to see, first-hand (virtually) just how slow such a large ship responds.

Which is how we ran over a small sailboat that suddenly appeared half a mile ahead. Once you start trying to turn this ship, it is several minutes before anything happens. As our guide pointed out, the most useful tool the boat captain has at that point is the horn. We will give these guys plenty of room.

On to the Boat Show! We have been going for several years now but this time was really different. Since we won't be buying anymore boats - ever - we spent all of our time tracking down pieces, parts, safety gear. We spent 2 solid days in tents, comparing prices, asking questions. Aimee, you wanted a story about pirates. Well there were some there. Mostly in the marine electronics booths.

View of the Annapolis Boat Show from Eastport

In the evening we met up with some folks from the Cabo Rico users forum that we had been communicating with via the web. It felt like we already knew these people. Had a great dinner, shared stories. One of the guys, Thierry, has the CR42 built just before ours. He took us aboard one day. Really interesting to compare the subtle differences.

And the books. I am sure that everyone already has Lee Chesneau's 'Heavy Weather Avoidance and Route Planning' and Chuck Paine's 'My Boat Designs' but do you have signed copies? Ha!

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  1. Thanks Duane! Enjoyable post as always, even though we had to wait a while to get it!

    I am currently on the waiting list at my local library for a copy of "Heavy Weather Avoidance and Route Planning". Can't imagine why they don't carry more than one copy...