Sunday, November 25, 2012


We had a pretty cool trip planned for Thanksgiving. We were going to Edenton. It is about a 10 hour sail directly west out of Colington. Cute town, free docking for two days. We made reservations for a slip just in case and they actually sounded excited that we were coming in for the holiday.

Unfortunately, we had 8 straight days of NorthEast winds at 20-40 . All of the water left Colington and went to - of course - Edenton. So we had about a foot less water than needed to get out of the harbor. People always ask why we have such a big boat in a shallow place. My response is always 'I didn't get this boat to stay here'. But on Thanksgiving, we stayed here.

We were depressed. With the kids working, busy, elsewhere and pregnant (first grand child on the way!), we were on our own for the holiday and Edenton had been our ticket. We ate our pre-prepared turkey and fixings that were supposed to be eaten under sail. Then we went for real comfort food - shrimp po'boys.

Finally, on Friday afternoon enough water returned to float us out into the sound just in time for the incessant wind of 9 days to abruptly stop. Really?

And, we had a new boat issue. Motoring out of the Harbour, we had a terrible vibration above 1500 rpm. So, we drifted around for a while and then limped home. Now we were really depressed. What can this be? Engine mounts, broken prop, bearings. Aghhh!

On Saturday - a very nice day - we made ourselves feel better by decorating SeaClearly with Christmas lights. We had a couple of hiccups (ask me about that sometime) but she looks good!
SeaClearly Decorated for Christmas!

Saturday night I lay awake thinking about our vibration problem. Today, starting with the simple, I decided to poke around the propeller and shaft with a long boat hook. I snagged something. With Junie turning the shaft by hand from inside the boat and me tugging from the dock, we un-decorated our prop. This is what we found.
Eight feet of 5/8 line, with knots and loops, snagged on our prop
Between decorating and un-decorating, we are feeling much better now. Maybe there was a good reason not to leave for Edenton. Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

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