Thursday, March 28, 2013

So ready for Spring

Paradox - Flamingos by the fire
We are getting really excited about Spring. But, apparently it is not coming this year. There was some talk of filing suit against the Groundhog for misleading people about the end of winter. I'm surprised there wasn't a vigilante mob.

Anybody that knows us or follows this blog has heard that we are rolling up to retirement. Well, more precisely, as described in the movie 'Office Space', we are 'just not gonna go anymore'.

We have spent the last year working on the boat systems, accumulating equipment - oh, and sailing occasionally. I am a little defensive about that last one. This is not a great time of year for sailing here. When we are asked about our plans we often get comments like 'it sure would be a shame if that pretty boat just sits there'.  I'm not sure quite how to take that. It seems to me like we spend all of our time on the boat - fixing, learning, and sailing. But, I suppose that to the casual observer it looks like the boat just sits there a lot.

But, Spring will come. We will pull the plug on work and pull the trigger on cruising. We have taken a couple of serious steps. We canceled our DirecTV. (That's a warning to any visiting family. You might want to stop at Redbox on your way in!).

Baby PFD
We dropped a bundle of boat-cash on the Defender Marine annual Spring warehouse sale for some long-planned items - and a few more spontaneous acquisitions. Great prices, incredible customer service. Among the purchases:

  • AIS Transponder
  • Radar reflector
  • Foul weather gear
  • Tethers
  • An infant life-vest (for grand-daughter Reagan!)
  • An overboard anode that looks like a Grouper (Junie's favorite)
  • Etc, etc, etc

And, we have lists! Junie, as many of you probably know, is a classic Type A personality. We have time-lines, routes, information on destinations and fall-back destinations, pre-programmed waypoints, inventory lists, maintenance schedules - all very necessary and valuable stuff. I would never make it without her organization. I was once described as a Type A personality trapped in a Type B body. I really want to be organized but I am really more of a 'go with the flow' kind of guy. Hopefully, we will make one perfect sailor.

Recently, a discussion has started on the Cabo Rico Google group about getting together this summer on the Chesapeake. We are hoping that works out for our plans and for other Cabo Rico owners. We would love to see a gathering of these lovely boats and people.

We have several sailing blogs that we follow that relate the daily and weekly adventures of people cruising to different places. Several of these folks we actually know (warm greetings to Chip and Tammy, Thierry, and all the CR folks), some of them we only know from their blogs. It is enjoyable, informative and encouraging to get these reports from warm, sunny places, to hear about both the fun times and the trials and tribulations - sometimes also funny, sometimes not so much. We are looking forward to our stories.

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