Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Almost there!

As we sat on the porch swing the other day, looking at SeaClearly staring mournfully back at us, Junie and I reviewed our status. We have a trip to the Chesapeake coming up shortly. What was actually left to do before we could toss off the lines?
SeaClearly - wondering why we haven't left yet.

Turns out, I think we are there. All that is left to do is leave. Of course there will always be things to do, fix, maintain, replace, upgrade. We have some replacement sheets arriving soon. There are a couple of projects outstanding. But, after a year of  planning, learning and outfitting - we can leave anytime we want. We are both wrapping up our 'retirement' plans. That involves some time, paperwork, apprehension (recheck those plans and figures one more time. Are you sure we are going to be able to do this?). But I think we are there.

New dink! (old motor)
We are, actually, a little bit ahead of our expected schedule we created several years ago. When we seriously started looking for a boat last winter, we were prepared for an extended hunt. We thought that our long list of  'wants' would result in a difficult search. If anything, that list may have accelerated the process. When you first open up YachtWorld and search for oh, say, boats around 40 ft, the list is overwhelming. But when you start narrowing it down by age, design, purpose, price (of course), location - pretty soon, there were only a handful of boats to look at that fit your requirements - well, OK, desires.

We ended up getting SeaClearly in March of last year. Probably 6 months sooner than expected. And, because of that, we are looking at heading to the Bahamas this fall instead of next fall. We gained a whole cruising season. Not bad.

So, when we start getting frustrated  - when it seems like all we do is work on stuff - or when we watch the Northeast wind blow all of our water away and we can't go sailing - or when we are sitting on the porch swing being eyed scornfully by a big, pretty boat that is dying to go somewhere - we remind ourselves that we are lucky to even be here. To be this close. The day is coming.

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