Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vacations and such

We took a short vacation two weeks ago to do some very important things. Spent time with children and grand-daughter.

We got to babysit for the weekend with Reagan - oh, and also see her parents :) Actually, we didn't get to see Dusty and Holly much since they were traveling to a college graduation (hence the babysitting opportunity). Reagan is only now 6 months old. We had a blast taking care of her but it took both Junie and I to do it. You forget how much attention it takes. We spoiled her, fed her anytime she wanted, played with her in the middle of the night, then handed her back to her parents and split - you know - grandparents!

The second half of vacation was spent with Emily and Tyler in western North Carolina. Asheville, hiking, fishing. We always joked about people living at the beach and then taking vacations in the mountains. So there we were. Great time, beautiful scenery, good company.

Mountain stream fishing. Tyler giving
Junie fly-fishing lessons upstream while
Emily and I fish the pools below.

Then, back home. We are in final preparation for leaving for the Chesapeake. Over Memorial Day we sailed about 40 miles, went and previewed an anchorage in the North River, anchored out, made Chicken Sausage Gumbo in the galley, spent the night on the boat. Actually, not all in the order listed or implied but it makes a better story this way.
When are we going to leave, already?

Cutter rig in 8-10 knots
Lounging on the Screen Porch

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