Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Days at the boatyard

We had fun at the boatyard today. Despite the fact that we had all of our plans trashed, we are having a good time. It is easy to be happy when everything goes smoothly. Dragging yourself out of a bad mood can be tough.

We have thrown ourselves into boat projects to re-focus. Junie spent the day compounding spots out of the hull. I painted the speed transducer, switched out some anodes, walked up to the ship's store and polished some stainless. Yes, Junie was far more productive.

Roux was even less productive than me but he had fun. He met up with the resident dog and wandered around the yard. We had to go looking for him again. He had a peanut butter sandwich and Ginger Snaps for lunch, just like us. Eventually, the sun started getting to him.

Right after we ate that lunch we had packed (because, I am told, retirement budgets do not allow for lunches at the seafood restaurant next door every day), the service office manager, Holly, came by and offered us the facility tour she had promised. Metal and Welding shops, Carpentry, Fabrication and Paint room. We got an up-close look at the current project boat - an 84' monster with 5 staterooms and 5 heads. The workmanship is just amazing.

Shortly after we got back to work following that tour, Captain Ted of the Ann Warrick, one of the boats we talked about yesterday, invited us to tour his boat. So off we went for another trip aboard a dazzling boat. These boats are all beyond our (and most people's) wildest dreams. Hand selected wood from single trees to insure matching grain. Engines and electronics that are a wonder to behold. The scale of these boats is just hard to comprehend in comparison to our boat.

SeaClearly is getting slotted into the work rotation and will get new bottom paint. The current bottom paint has been on since March of 2012 and actually looks remarkable except for where the couple of groundings and repeated bumps have scuffed it off. Petit Trinidad Pro Green 1083. I am repacking the stuffing box. We will finish compounding and waxing the hull. Hopefully, we will get back in the water early next week. Where we go from there - remains to be seen.

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