Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wanchese (say Juan-Cheese)

Yesterday, we mapped the depth of Colington Harbour channel. We measured the actual draft of SeaClearly as she sat in the slip - stripped down of all excess weight - 5'6". (Interesting process, measuring your draft). We cut notches in our bulkhead as water level indicators - minimum, good, better, best.
Today, we woke up, checked whether the SW wind had blown in enough water, and took off for Wanchese. With winds predicted to be SW at 15 - 20 knots it looked like it should be a good time.

We followed our sounded line out of the channel and still kissed the bottom gently at one spot but managed to exit gracefully. All in all, it was a pretty pleasant sail. 

We had to go under the bridge at Pirate's Cove. The first passage under this bridge was on our maiden voyage bringing SeaClearly home early last year. This time, going the other direction, we found that they have actually provided a height gauge which showed the current level at 65'. At least it gives you some comfort. And we went under with less anxiety than before.

Wanchese Harbor view off the stern
We came out from under the bridge and, I swear, it was like we entered a different world. For the rest of the trip to Wanchese, we had 30-32 knot winds (that's about 35-40 mph) and steep waves that got worse and worse as we got closer. We slid into Wanchese, headed for Bayliss Boatworks with every intention of backing SeaClearly into the slip they had for us. However, inside the harbor, the winds were still 25 knots. The thought of crashing across a line of brand new Bayliss boats was not very appealing. So we put her in bow first, tied her down (no easy process in slips designed for Sportfishing boats), retrieved the Jeep that we left there yesterday and rolled home.

SeaClearly has not spent a night away without us for a long time. We are nervous about leaving her. I hope they take good care of our baby.
SeaClearly spending the night
with the trawlers and Sportfishers

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