Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weekend Update

Still here. Two reasons. No water (obviously), and insurance. After a 'hard grounding', our insurance company, thankfully, insists on paying for a haul-out to inspect for damage. And, also obviously, sooner and closer is better. If we had any hidden damage to through-hulls, steerage or propulsion, we need to know right away.

Unfortunately, the latest shoaling in our channel, which resulted in our aborted trip, makes it clear that we need more water and less weight to get out of the harbor even to just make it to the boatyard in Wanchese for the haul-out.

So, we have to:

A) raise SeaClearly as much as possible. This is a painful process of un-provisioning and un-preparing everything that was made ready for our cruise. Removing all the groceries and supplies, emptying water tanks and taking off heavy gear. The liferaft, the series drogue, the stern anchor and chain all coming off. In total, about 2000 lbs lighter. Maybe an extra 2 inches above waterline, still drawing about 5' 6".

B) determine how much water there actually is in the channel. We can go over in one of the 'little' boats to take soundings. We have a fancy handheld depth meter. And we have an old-school line with a weight and tape markers every foot.

C) make sure A is less than B

Instead of the Chesapeake, we are going to the boatyard. We like boatyards well enough. We wanted to get bottom paint and do some maintenance ourselves at some point anyway. Not exactly under these circumstances.

The bigger disappointment is the dissolving picture of loading our boat at our own dock and sailing off on adventures. If we fill SeaClearly with all the stuff we need for a cruise and then can't make it out of Colington Harbour, that's a problem. The Association has plans in the works for improvements to the channel. We may have to start making alternative plans of our own.


  1. Duane, You may want to leave some weight in the bow. The CR42 is generally down by the stern somewhat and therefore the draft aft is more than foreward. Given that you have an arch and a genset in the cockpit locker you could be down in the stern even more than Curlew. I would consider leaving the anchor chain on board or filling the forward water tank. That should lift the stern. I am really disappointed that you guys won't be at the CR rendez-vous, but that pales with how you and June must feel. Good luck with your haul-out. I doubt that you have any structural damage. CRs are so over-built that that would be a first. You seem to have a good insurance company. Something for me to consider when Curlew's policy comes up for renewal later this year.

  2. Thanks Thierry.
    I appreciate the sympathy and the advice. We got her out of Colington this morning and over to Wanchese for haul-out. I really don't expect any structural issues but I am OK with having her inspected.
    BTW, we went through the exercise of measuring her draft. As you suspected, she sits at 5'6" when stripped down. Hope to catch up with you soon.