Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

Independence Day. Please feel free to celebrate as you see fit. Isn't that great?
Well, this part looks straight.

SeaClearly is still in the boatyard. We are chasing an issue with the stuffing box / shaft/ whatever. But, while we are there, we have decided to invest a little (well, OK, a lot) in our independence. SeaClearly is a pretty big boat, has a long bowsprit, a fair amount of windage toward the bow and, as a result, a mind of her own when approaching docks or operating in tight spaces.

To help the two of us manage all that a little better, we are getting bow-thrusters installed. For those of you unfamiliar with bow-thrusters, it is basically a little propeller stuck sideways through the front of your boat, underwater, to help push the boat around. To those of you familiar with bow-thrusters, you know that the are either considered a 'God-send' or 'cheating' depending on which sailor ask.
Hole goes here. Yikes!

This is no minor project but we figure - hope, expect - that it will increase our flexibility, help us out of potential jams and, ultimately, keep us sailing a bit more comfortably if not longer. As we mentioned before, Bayliss Boatworks builds custom sportfishers so they know fiberglass and that is a major part of this process.

This is cutting into the summer sailing season but we are looking at it as an investment. We are really anxious to get started on sailing adventures. And we are more than a little frustrated. But, we are not even entirely retired yet so now is the time.

Enjoy your independence. Happy Birthday America!


  1. Are you going to give us a progress report on this project? I'm really curious on how this is done. Thierry

  2. Absolutely! I'll get as many pics as possible and all the gory details. Stay tuned.