Monday, July 22, 2013

More Bow Thrusters

Work goes on! Never as fast as expected but that may work to our advantage. Junie has one last business trip to Chicago before they let her retire in peace. So, by the time they finish up on SeaClearly, she should be wrapped up and we are planning yet another escape. This time we will try south for a couple of weeks. Ocracoke, Morehead City, maybe a short trip into the big water.

I am a little slow on the updates as well. We were playing grandparents this weekend and that, of course, demands undivided attention. Reagan is developing a personality and it is a joy to watch. We had a great time.

Thruster tube glassed in
That bright spot is where the
thruster will mount.
Meanwhile, the bow-thruster project moves ahead. It is actually going very well. The location seems ideal, the installation is very professional. They are doing a great job squeezing stuff in so that we can keep as much storage space as possible.

The tube goes through down low in the locker. That allows us to keep about 75% of the original volume. We may have to shorten a couple of the drawers that are under the berth but, overall, not bad!

The thrusters require two batteries and a charger of their own. They managed to locate these batteries just forward of the existing house batteries under the starboard settee. They also managed to get the charger behind the settee - and provided enough flexibility and wiring to actually unmount the charger to pull it out and work on it on the settee if required.
We also had them include a parallel switch so the new batteries can act as reserve power for the rest of the boat in a pinch. And (wait, that's not all folks!) the new charger is now a back-up for the existing charger in case it fails. All in all, we think we are getting as much as we can from this.

As one last added bonus, the wiring that they ran to the helm for the controls has several spare wires so we could add a 12 volt outlet and still have a couple of extra wires for future stuff.

The Low Rider drives a little slower...
On the outside, the fiberglass work is just about complete. We asked them about adding a flare to the hull just forward of the thruster tube to improve the flow of water. 'Sure!', they said. (All it takes is money). But, since the install is going better (simpler) than expected, we have some wiggle room. You see this flare on their sportfisher boats all the time but we had read that it was also important on sailboats. It just keeps the on-coming water from slamming into the back wall of the tunnel. I think they are kind of enthusiastic about doing a sailboat just because it is a little different than the normal routine. They went off and researched and determined that we needed a little bit more down-angle on ours since we are dealing with slower speeds. The result is some aqua-dynamic effects up front.

If we keep tracking like this, we should be wrapped up this week. But we will need another week to put the boat back together. They had to get under things and behind things and through things. So they drug out everything. The cabin looks like a bomb went off. We are feeling pretty positive and looking forward to getting underway.

Thanks for all the comments! It is fun to share this process and we love hearing from everyone.

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  1. Looking good! I can't wait to see the next step. I'm wondering how the thrusters are mounted and where the cables get connected. I'm guessing there are 2 thrusters that will be mounted externally and the cables connect inside the pipe.

    But then I'm wondering what is the pipe in the center for? Maybe a single reversing thruster will be mounted inside the pipe and there will be a minor hole to terminate in the center of the pipe.