Sunday, August 4, 2013

Silver Lake, Ocracoke, NC

Dropped anchor in Silver Lake at about 5:45 pm. Long day on the water since we left Wanchese at 6:30 this morning. We are happy to be here and everybody is tired.

We had a great day overall. We had spent the night on SeaClearly (thanks to our friend Marcia for the ride to the boatyard!) It was a beautiful morning as we left Wanchese harbor. We got out pretty much on schedule - actually, who I am kidding? We don't have schedules anymore! But we left early like we planned.

We had no problem negotiating the tricky channels around Oregon Inlet into Old House Channel. We did get overtaken by the Army Corps of Engineers dredge 'Murden' on her way to try to keep Oregon Inlet open. She seemed huge as she passed us in a channel so narrow that the pelicans are standing in ankle deep water 20 yards away. That is the nature of the area - sand islands, shoaling.

We cleared the last markers in Old House Channel and motored into Pamlico Sound. By 8:30 we were sailing. After all the troubles we have getting started, it was a wonderful feeling to set the sails and point south.

We barely had enough wind to sail, really. Later, we would have plenty of wind, waves and 'invigorating' sailing as Junie described it. The north wind kicked in and sent the swells all the way down the sound. By the time we were 2 hours out of Ocracoke, we had 3-4-5 ft waves following us. I think SeaClearly loved it.

We were all lifejacketed and tethered - including Roux. He, once again, proved himself as 'Sailor Dog Supreme'. More on that some other time. And, he was very careful about sun protection. I swear that dog looks more like me every day.

So, now it is late and we are exhausted. I'll put up some more details tomorrow. We plan to stay here two nights. Later!

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