Saturday, August 10, 2013

Staying Portside

We are going to sit tight here in Portside Marina for a couple of days to recuperate. Also, the next place we want to go is Cape Lookout Bight. Judging from the number of weekend boaters around us, I am sure that the Bight would be a zoo. This marina caters to small boats. They have an indoor stack storage and they spent every hour, all day Saturday forklifting boats into the water and retrieving them. It is kind of fun to watch but makes for a lot of traffic.

Junie is showing some improvement so we walked to the Sanitary Restaurant (a Morehead City tradition since 1938) for lunch. We did a few loads of laundry, washed the salt off the boat and talked to the marina folks for a while.

Roux is getting more exercise than usual. As we have been walking around Ocracoke, River Dunes and here, he has worn down his toenails. In between, he is really OK with sleeping in his air-conditioned cabin. It has been pretty hot so we have been sucking up the bought air too.

On the topic of AC - as we walked back to the boat earlier today, I noticed that the AC discharge flow was barely trickling. It is usually a very strong stream. I went to clean the strainer and found a batch of weeds and a small fish in the strainer basket. I thought I had the fix but the system immediately shut down when I tried to restart. Working back through the plumbing, it became clear that something was clogged between the through-hull and the strainer. We took the hose off of the seacock and opened it cautiously. Nothing came out. So, we poked at it with a two dollar plastic drain cleaner that Junie had insisted on buying at Lowe's one day. Suddenly, we got a lot of water - and one more fish! Reconnected everything and we were back in the cool.

No pictures today because we can't get connected to the wireless for some reason and we are using the cell phone as a hotspot.

Note to Thierry: I accidentally deleted your comment when I tried to publish it. Sorry. And, NO, I am not interested in a boat big enough to have a hot tub:)

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  1. hello Friends! I read your blog about your journey! Loved it! I felt like I was right there with you all. The pictures are amazing. I am so glad you are sharing your adventure. Junie, I hope you feel better, remember the exercises too. Sail on, dear friends............Marsha