Friday, September 6, 2013

Teak Week!

Last week, I looked at our local long range weather forecast. It showed a period of almost two weeks with less than 10% chance of rain. Now, having worked with mathematicians and statisticians over the years, I realize that it can be pouring down rain and still only be a 10% chance of rain. Regardless, for us, it represented an opportunity to address an important task that needed attention. So, we declared it...

Teak Week!

Utility containers.
They need to be prepared
before use by emptying
the original contents.
Out comes the sandpaper, Epiphanes, brush thinner, natural brushes, gelato containers, Wait, what? Yes, gelato containers. We discovered the gelato first and later discovered that these may be the perfect utility containers. Right size, clear, screw-on lids. Paint, varnish, screws, small parts, diesel - almost anything. So we started saving them. Soon (much too quickly), we had an embarrassing number of empty gelato containers stacked above our workbench. But, anyway, they are now a part of the teak varnishing process.

Just 6 or 7 more coats to go!
 Refinishing teak calls for a ridiculous number of coats of varnish to be applied. You can really only do one coat a day. And it really highlights just how big your boat is when you start to sand. It requires several hours bent over which is great for your back. When you put that varnish on it looks beautiful - but you already know that tomorrow you are going to go out and knock all that shine off so you can put more varnish on. Directions call for a minimum of 6 coats. Nine or ten is preferable. Yikes!

It just needs to be done. The sun tears it up. If you let it go too long you have to start from bare wood which just makes everything harder. And, we are starting to plan our next trip so it needs to be done before that happens. So, Teak Week it is. Labor of love.


  1. We also have "an embarrassing number" of gelato containers above our workbench...thanks for getting us hooked on the stuff!
    "Teak Week"...I guess it sounds better than "Shark Week"! Have fun!?!

  2. Aimee,
    Sorry for introducing you to Talenti (not!)
    And, regarding 'Shark Week' - those words are not allowed on SeaClearly. We prefer 'Seal Week' which would be one scene after another of the seals getting away unscathed. Always hopeful!