Thursday, October 31, 2013

On to Georgia

We have made another hop down the coast. We are, actually, moving a little faster than we expected. As we learn how much ground - well, really water - we can cover in the given conditions, we get better at estimating our trips. So, we left Charleston Harbor at first light on Monday morning, October 28. The weather looked benign (one of our favorite weather conditions) for about 36 hours with a slight increase in winds on Tuesday. Not great for sailing but really good for cranking out miles. Our destination - St Mary's Inlet at the Georgia-Florida border. We originally intended to make this two shorter legs but the chance to get south was too appealing.

Sunrise leaving Charleston
We had moved from our slip to the fuel dock on Sunday afternoon to get diesel and to make for an easy exit in the twilight. This worked as planned and we were underway before the sun came up. We were catching the ebb tide and it gave us about a 2 knot push through the harbor. At one point we were making 8.2 knots speed over ground. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning.

A lot of the trip was just uneventful motoring across the ocean. And it was wonderful. We had a couple of maverick dolphins come visit us and ride our bow wave while we laughed and barked. Roux barked, that is. We saw a few boats but not many. The trip was to be 168 miles and we, basically, only had two waypoints to aim for so we just had a nice boat ride.

Dolphin watch
Of course, this is an overnight passage so we take it seriously. We take turns on watch, wear PFDs, tether in. We did manage to get some sleep on this trip. Roux decided to take some of his anxiety pills and stay out in the cockpit overnight on this leg. He did pretty good. Better for me than for Junie, apparently.

Sunrise arriving St Mary's Inlet
We made good time and arrived at the St Mary's outer markers at daylight on Tuesday. As we turned to the channel, one of the sailboats that had passed us Monday morning showed up. They must have traveled faster than us, got there too early and were waiting for sunrise like we had to do last week.

We were working against the falling tide this time so it was a little slower trip through the inlet but no issues. At St Mary's Inlet, if you turn left you are in Fernandina Beach, Florida. If you turn right, you are in Georgia. For insurance purposes, we need to stay north of Florida until November 1. So, right turn it is. We arrived at Cumberland Island, Georgia at around 10:00 am on Tuesday morning. Not bad.

The first order of business is Roux business. Drop the dinghy, motor, yada yada, yada. By 11:00, we were making brunch in the galley.

We skipped most of Georgia and the shallow sections of the ICW. We are wearing shorts and T-shirts. There are palm trees, palmettos and live oaks with Spanish Moss. The anchorage is full of cruiser sailboats, many of whom are also waiting here because their insurance has the same clause as our's. We are feeling pretty good.
Wild Horses

Cumberland Island anchorage

SeaClearly at anchor
Junie, trying to pose with Roux.

And, sunset at Cumberland Island.

We have had some computer issues that slowed me down .I will get more details and pictures from here posted soon.


  1. Lovely anchorage. I was there in the fall of 2012, on Puffin. Only two other boats in the anchorage. You guys are moving! At that speed you are in Panama before the end of the year!

    1. Not aiming for Panama but we are happy to be making progress. But now we moved to Fernandina Beach and it is so nice we have stayed for 2 days and signed up for 2 more! I'll try to get that story written later. Thanks for keeping track of us Thierry.