Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Windows, waiting and watermakers

Several weeks ago, we looked at our schedule for the fall and established our window for departure south. Somewhere between October 6 and October 16. We figured that gave us plenty of latitude to wait for weather, water and whims of destiny to align (or diverge) as required to get us on our way.

We have some cruising friends here in Colington, Bob and Judy, that are also heading south. We talked about cruising along with them but decided to hold off just a bit to get everything together. Bob and Judy targeted their departure for October 2. That is tomorrow. The weather today was ideal. The weather tomorrow is ideal. The weather the next day is ideal. Following that, it starts to deteriorate.

Tonight, we started kicking ourselves in the ass. What if we are missing the window of opportunity? Why were we waiting? Why are we always late?

After a while, we settled down and got a bit more rational. We don't have a schedule. The water and weather will be OK later. The universe is unfolding as it should and we will get our window. Perhaps there is a good reason that we are held up - avoiding a catastrophe, letting pieces fall into place, whatever. Sometimes, you have to let things play out.

In the mean time, we get to have some fun. We had dinner at Mama Kwan's with our friends (former neighbors) Neal and Jeannie. We had a blast catching up. We are headed up to visit with the kids and grand-daughter tomorrow.

We have also taken care of a lot of boat systems preparation. The watermaker is now functional and ready to deliver 8 - 10 gallons per hour of pure water. We had been putting off this task because the system was 'pickled' (filled with preservative chemicals
Me, down in 'the hole'. Actually called the sail locker.
Surrounded by the watermaker, wind generator control,
solar panel control, refrigeration compressor, bilge pump,
generator. Busy place. Not sure why it is called a sail locker.
) and once you start using it you sort of have to keep using it on a regular basis to keep it clean. We learned a lot about water quality and testing. We learned a lot about the quality of normal tap water - a little frightening. We actually tested and made pure water from Colington canal water. Not recommended but purifying fresh, filtered, de-chlorinated water is not much of a test. We only ran that way briefly and then backflushed the system immediately afterwards. But when we do reach clear ocean water we should be good to go. A big plus when hose water at the marina in the Bahamas can cost as much as bottled water.

All of the big boat parts (engine, transmission, generator, plumbing, electronics, rigging, tackle) have been cleaned, changed, repaired and replaced. We got some more spare parts - starter, more filters, pumps, more filters, gaskets, fluids, on and on. Rebuilt part of the head.

So, we are ready. We just have to wait a bit more. And tolerate people wondering if we are ever actually going to cast off. But hey, our insurance won't let us go south of the Florida line before November 1 anyway. So, why rush? It won't be long before we are sending emails from warm, sunny places.

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