Friday, December 13, 2013

Moving south again

We are on the move again! We had been at the Loggerhead marina in Stuart for over three weeks. Of course, two of those weeks we were traveling for Thanksgiving and stuff. We got back to the boat on Wednesday, December 4 and found SeaClearly in good shape. Our friends, Doug and Betty, had been watching out for her. Apparently, there was a good bit of wind while we were away but no issues. I had this recurring fear that something would happen to the refrigeration (or, more specifically, the shore power) and we would come back to find rotted food. Nothing like that occurred.

Now, it became serious provisioning time. We had extended the rental car for a week so we were off to Walmart, Home Depot, West Marine, propane filling and dress shopping. That last one is not always on the list but Junie needed to find a mother-of-the-groom dress for Jeffrey's wedding in March before we left for the Bahamas. So, while we had a car, we shopped. Junie is actually a lousy shopper and hates the process. So much so that she looks for other things to do. We ended up with a new phone but no dress.

We did a ton of laundry at the big laundromat in Stuart. Now, laundromats are interesting places that can attract some sketchy people. But, at this point, I probably look scarier than most of the other patrons so they were probably thinking, 'Boy, laundromats attract some sketchy people'.

We were both getting anxious to get underway again and Junie discovered an interesting possibility regarding the Loggerhead Marina group. Loggerhead has a series of marinas down the Florida coast. One of the options they offer is 'reciprocity'. Which means that, since we still had 4 days left in our one month marina contract, we could move to a different Loggerhead marina further south and use those days there. Nice feature that probably doesn't get used a whole lot. But it worked perfectly for us. The Stuart marina worked out very well for us and we were comfortable leaving SeaClearly there by herself. But, we needed to move on - literally and figuratively.

Sunny Florida!
We moved down the ICW to Palm Beach Gardens just north of Palm Beach. It was a very short 5 hour day but it got us moving south again. It was a good restart cruise to make sure we remembered how to run the boat. Roux was not thrilled at us dragging him out of bed for an early start. But it was a gorgeous morning, the tide was right and it was time to go.
I think it is still a long
way to the grass...

So, a few bridges later and past Jupiter Inlet we arrived at another Loggerhead marina just north of Lake Worth which is a major departure point for the northern route over to the Bahamas. Roux seems to like this marina better since it is not so far from the boat to the grass. We like it because it is progress. We are still intent on getting further south and crossing via Bimini to make the Exumas. I think that is where Junie wants to be by Christmas. I'm not sure that the weather will cooperate.

I like turtles!

On Wednesday, we got a ride from one of the folks at the marina to the Loggerhead MarineLife Center just over the bridge in Juno Beach. They care for, and rehabilitate, sea turtles. They have these big tanks where they can treat them, administer medications and, in one case, applied weights to the turtle's shell to help with a buoyancy problem. Just a great place.

Afterwards, we walked out to the beach, stopped for lunch (appropriately at a place called The Thirsty Turtle), and walked back over the bascule bridge that we passed under to reach the marina on Tuesday.

Tomorrow, our marina time expires so we will move to an anchorage in North Palm Beach. The plan is to leave there on Sunday for an overnight run to Miami.

Oh -  and Junie found a dress on-line, had it shipped to the new marina and it arrived about an hour after we tied up. She may not like to shop but she is good at logistics:)


  1. Oh, I so envy you! We already have had three snow and ice episodes here in Philadelphia. Boats are winterized. Curlew is getting a new main, new canvas and new upholstery in the saloon this winter. Can't wait for spring....

    1. Thierry, we are really enjoying the weather here and wish you were here enjoying it with us. Curlew is going to look beautiful!