Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Black Point Settlement

The Police Station - which looks a lot like the BaTelco
office. And the Government Building. And the Clinic.
Black Point Settlement is a real town. Not a marina with a gift shop. Not a manufactured cruise ship 'island'. It has a few streets, mom-and-pop restaurants and shops,workers that commute via small boats to neighboring islands. The harbor will hold a lot of boats and they are all sailboats. No mooring field. Just anchor where you can, set the hook well and enjoy.
View of SeaClearly from the laundromat.

They have one of the best laundromats in the Bahamas and it has free wifi - which I am using. I have included a view from the back porch. In my experience, most laundromats do not have this view.

We woke up yesterday to the most calm, still, clear water that I have ever seen. We are anchored in about 12 - 15 ft of water and I could count the blades on the seagrass under the boat. It looked like the windy weather predicted was a little slow. We dug out the snorkel gear with the idea of examining the bottom of SeaClearly.

The evening before the weather change

First, of course, we needed to run Roux to the beach. By the time we got the dinghy prep'ed, there was a massive dark cloud pressing down from the north. By the time we got Roux to the beach, it started to ripple the water. And, by the time .we were headed back, we had a full bore blow on our hands. In less than 15 minutes. Fortunately, Roux had taken care of business because we were stuck on the boat all night.

Shore leave. This beach area was exposed at low tide,
 4 ft deep at high tide and just fun to play on
We set up our anchor alarm application (with the catchy name 'Drag Queen') and read books. Yes, that's right. For the first time since we set out on this journey, we spent the better part of the day reading. We have always heard of cruisers doing this but we never seemed to have time. Between boat chores and maintenance, Roux and exploring, we always ran out of time and fell into bed at the end of a day. So, it blew, we rocked, and we read. Nice.

Today, we are doing some more laundry and visiting the BaTelCo office to resolve some Bahama phone issues. The office, a small cinder block building about 30 ft square, turns out to only be open on Tuesday and Thursday. Guess we are not doing that errand. We have dinner reservations (required so that they know how much food to have on hand) tonight at Lorraine's. Lobster!

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