Saturday, January 25, 2014

Last Bahama stop

If all goes as planned, this will be the last post from the Bahamas. We left Port Lucaya on Thursday morning to move around the corner of Grand Bahama Island to West End. Specifically, to Old Bahama Bay Resort and Marina. Three marina stops in a row is a record for us on this trip but it it a little easier on everybody. It was a short trip of about 30 miles. We didn't have to get up very early, the tide was a non-issue at both ends, no big seas or winds. A very peaceful trip.

West End is a very common first or last stop in the Bahamas. Back in Prohibition days, it was quite the hub of illicit alcohol. Now, it sees a lot of sailboats, motor yachts and sport fishers. Old Bahama Bay is nice, neat and pretty. It is isolated from the town and pretty far from Freeport so it is quiet. There are no groceries available but there are two restaurants. 

Chilly and cloudy

The weather patterns that have kept the east coast of the US cold have reached here. We were in jeans and sweatshirts for the first time in a while. I doubt that we will get much sympathy for a breezy, 65 degree day. Today is warmer again so back to shorts and tees.
Not so chilly and cloudy

Tomorrow morning, before sunrise, we expect to pullout and head back across the Gulf Stream to Florida. The weather should be mild and we hope there are no surprises. We should be entering through Lake Worth Inlet and arriving in West Palm Beach in time for the 5:00 slack before ebb tide.

One last trip to the beach

I think we are all ready to go but it is a  little sad, too. Our trip is far from over but we are leaving the Bahamas. What a time we have had.

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