Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Louisiana Saturday Night Wedding

The Groomsmen in Duck Dynasty beards. 
Jeffrey and Alyssa's wedding was awesome. Bill, father of the bride, described it beforehand as a 'Louisiana Saturday Night Wedding' and it was every bit that. From the quaint setting in a historic village to the line march  to escort the happy couple with parasols out at the end of the reception, it was a blast. The bride was beautiful. It was great to see old friends, old family, new family and acquaintances. There were a few unexpected surprises (see picture at right). I didn't get too many other pictures so I will have to post some later as they roll in. The food, of course, was wonderful and everything you might expect - gumbo, etouffe, alligator, boudin, bread pudding, and on and on.

We continued our non-stop feeding frenzy the day after the wedding with a stop to visit Junie's cousins - Kevin and his son Chad, and Leslie - in Metairie. Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. We had every intention of stopping in New Orleans for beignets at Cafe du Monde on Monday morning but we were both feeling a little woozy from all of the food so we decided to skip that stop. The food in Louisiana is amazing but we had to move on before our cholesterol spiked.

We stopped at a Costco in Tallahassee to re-provision some of the bulk items for the boat. We stopped for the night in Gainesville, Florida when we got tired (hotel night number 8 of this roadtrip on Marriott points - finally, some payback for all that business travel). Then we stopped at Lake Okeechobee to see friends Dennis and Marsha. They are Colington neighbors that are, currently, lounging by the lake in their motor home, looking relaxed, taking airboat rides and catching a tan.

Now, we are back in Stuart. It is good to be home. Which is exactly how it feels coming back to SeaClearly. We finished up the grocery runs, filled the propane tanks and, finally, dropped off the rental car. We have put over 5000 miles on rental cars in the last 6 weeks. We spent the last two days checking out SeaClearly's systems - run the engine, monitor alternator output, check the wind generator, top off water tanks, etc. We also had our staysail re-stitched while we were gone. Scott Loomis from Doyle's loft here in Stuart dropped it back off today. We love that staysail. When the weather turns snippy, that sail takes all of the abuse so we want to treat it well.

Junie, on SeaClearly, in Stuart, Florida
Junie's back is doing much better. I am still trying to get her to take it easy but it is getting harder to hold her back. Her best therapy is walking and we have been doing that since we returned. We have been playing with all of the dock dogs. We miss Roux.

Now, we need to decide what to do next.  The weather is being a little uncooperative. We don't see a great window to cross back to the Bahamas for, at least, a week. Then, it is a very small window. If we do make it, the weather in the northern Bahamas doesn't look too good anyway. The idea of making it to the Bahamas just to hunker down at anchor is not very appealing. And, it is halfway through March already. So, we are thinking about just pointing north and making a slow trip home. We would both be OK with that too. Fortunately, we have the flexibility to change our minds repeatedly and at a moments notice.

We do not, however, want to get too north too soon. We are enjoying the Florida weather, wearing shorts and having a glass of wine in the cockpit. We had some neighbors describe their strategy today. They are going to stay south of the Florida-Georgia line until it has been over 75 degrees in Atlanta for five consecutive days. Sounds like a reasonable approach. We may head up to Charleston and hang out there until we are sure it is warm back in North Carolina. However long that takes.


  1. I just caught up with your blog stories. Thanks for sharing. The tribute to Roux was amazing...such love expressed. Safe travels as you mosey home "slowly"with the ability of changing your mind any time. So good to see you guys too...

  2. My advice - stay put a while! Shorts and a glass of wine sounds pretty good. Up here at the southern end of the Great Lakes, March is running 13 degrees below normal (Feb did that too), and we will be threatening the record low of 11 tonight. As for your farewell Louisiana remark "The food in Louisiana is amazing but we had to move on before our cholesterol spiked" - I think you may have been too late for that. :-)