Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baton Rouge

I think this cruising thing has affected our brains. We were all set to get up early on Monday and start the Louisiana roadtrip. Sunday night, sleep just wasn't coming very well. So, with a reckless abandon that would previously have been considered foolish, we jumped out of bed at 1:30 am, did the final prep to leave the boat - closed through-hulls, shut down, locked up - and left. Snuck out in the middle of the night. We drove through empty streets to the empty Florida Turnpike, passed through Orlando, Gainesville and Tallahassee all before daylight. By 1:30 pm (Central time) we had arrived in Junie's home town of Baton Rouge.

Naturally, we were tired so we crashed for a while. Then, we got up and started the Louisiana feeding frenzy with Seafood Gumbo at Dempsey's. Then, a stop at Albertson's to pick up some dried  ground shrimp.

Now, about the weather. On Sunday, we were sitting in Stuart, Florida on SeaClearly. Sunny, 78 degrees. Yesterday, in Baton Rouge it was 30 degrees with freezing rain. The interstates were closed. We had to take surface streets everywhere. Not very good weather for Mardi Gras. I am sure it dampened some of the celebrations in New Orleans and across South Louisiana.

Redemptorist High School. Notice the sign that
indicates they are closed for Mardi Gras.

We did a brief nostalgia tour for Junie. We cruised through part of LSU, her alma mater. Then we went over to Delaware Street to see the house where she grew up. I recently saw a quote - "The only reason to look back should be to see how far you have come". Junie has come a long way.

Gail, Trevor, Cherie, Reggie (still recovering from back surgery),
Abigail, Jillian, Junie, Duane - Robert behind camera.
Tuesday was also visiting day. And more food. Cherie and Reggie's where we also got to see their kids and Junie's former neighbors Gail and Robert. Scored some Crawfish Pie from Tony's Seafood, Jerry Lee's Boudin and all the trimmings. We went directly from there to Loni and Thomas' house. They are long time friends of Junie's. More visiting, more kids and grandkids to meet, then - more food! Parrain's for Crawfish Etouffe, Catfish and more. Now, on to Coffee Call! Beignets and Cafe au Lait as a nightcap. Only 36 hours in Baton Rouge and I am gaining weight at the rate of about one pound for every waking hour.

Meanwhile, back in Stuart, dolphins
came to visit the marina. Photo
courtesy of neighbor Bill.
Lots of talking and catching up. Playing with puppies and missing our Roux. Everybody asked about our boat and our trip to the Bahamas. I am sure we bored them all to death but they kept asking questions. We miss our dog and our boat. We don't miss work. Retirement is a beautiful thing.

Of course, the reason we are in Louisiana is for Jeffrey and Alyssa's wedding in Lafayette on Saturday. Today, we move over there (assuming the roads open up). We need to look at the Rehearsal Dinner venue, pick up my suit, meet parents and help finalize whatever we can. I suspect we will also eat.

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