Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chesapeake Bound

When we pulled in to our dock at the end of our Bahamas trip in April, we emptied SeaClearly. She needed a thorough cleaning, disinfecting and restocking. Living on the boat for 6 months takes a toll. Things don’t get the deep cleaning they need. Unused items get shoved to the back of the cabinets. And, just like at home in your refrigerator, some things quietly pass their expiration date and slink to the back and out of sight. Also, we now have a better idea of what we actually used. Some foods just never got eaten, some spices were just not necessary, we didn’t have enough of this or too much of that.

The sad result of all of this is that SeaClearly was stripped bare. She was, clearly, not going anywhere.  Equipment had been carted off, foul-weather gear stored inside the house, refrigerator shutdown, dinghy parked in the driveway. She knew she had been abandoned.

As for us, we started getting ‘itchy sea legs’ after about one week home. Week 2 we began to plan the next adventure. Last year we made an ill-fated attempt to cruise up to the Chesapeake for a Cabo Rico owners gathering. Never ones to be put off by failure, we started the plans to try again.

Junie polished the brass oil lamp. Nice!
In the mean time, April and May were consumed with social events (Mother’s Day, neighborhood summertime kick-off street party, NC Aquarium family trip, Mama Kwan’s, Tortugas Lie, Dinner Party group) and boat tasks (an endless list that will only be shared on request. Teak is always at the top of the list.)

Throughout those passing days, we were working our way towards departure. As the plans fell into place, the gear and bags starting flowing back onto SeaClearly. Maintenance items were crossed off the list, spares were replenished and coats of varnish were laid on.  And, finally, it was time to wrap up the packing, close up the house and wait for a high-enough-water day to execute a successful exit from our homeport of Colington.

June 3. Not enough water.
June 4. Still not enough. Should be covering that ladder rung.
But we left anyway.

As you may know, we have a couple of known indicators of not-enough-water, just-enough-water, and plenty-of-water. We patiently waited for 4 days, then impatiently waited for another day and threw off the lines at 6:00 am on June 4 with about 2 inches less than just-enough-water. It all worked out fine. There were a couple of times when we had NO water under us but we never touched bottom. Just like that, we are off again.
Heading out across the Albemarle Sound on a
beautiful almost-summer morning.

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