Monday, June 16, 2014


A common sight - happy Cabo Rico owners
What an incredible weekend. We had a gathering of Cabo Rico owners at Lankford Bay Marina near Rock Hall, Maryland. Now, there are not a lot of Cabo Ricos. And, they are scattered all over the globe. As such, it was a small - but enthusiastic - gathering. Lankford Bay is the home marina for Leslie and Clayton ('Tango' - CR34). Tom and Cheryl have a CR38 undergoing extensive refitting just down the road. Thierry brought 'Curlew', CR42 hull # 12 over from Baltimore. And, us - 'SeaClearly', CR42 hull #14. We had an excellent time. We swapped Cabo stories, ate way too much, drank in moderation (of course) and laughed a lot.
An more unusual sight. 3 Cabo Ricos. 'Tango', 'SeaClearly', and
'Curlew' (at anchor in the distance)

I conned Thierry into helping me tune my rigging a bit. Thierry is a real sailor with years of experience and years of Cabo Rico ownership. He can tell me things about my boat from 100 yards away that I would never see. Tom even showed up with some Cabo Rico apparel to pass out which really made us feel like an organization.

On Sunday morning, the 3 boats on site went out for a sail on the Chester River. What a beautiful sight! Although, of course, we are a bit biased. 'Tango' returned home but 'Curlew' and 'SeaClearly' headed out across the Bay. Thierry is going our direction for a few days. We had a nice sailing day again. Thierry got to play with his new mainsail. We got to watch him sail away from us.

Harness Creek
This may be the first time ever that two CR-42s have been
rafted together. There were only a handful built. 
Is it relaxing? Ask Thierry.

Last night, we rafted up our two, beautiful CR-42s in Harness Creek. Being Sunday evening, we had to weave through the remaining power boat rafts to find a spot. Thierry dropped the hook and we slid in beside him. I gotta tell you, these two boats rafted together is a pretty sight (if somewhat heavy. I am sure Thierry is glad we had settled weather last night). By 9:00 pm, the creek was quiet and nearly empty. This morning, we hope to get some pictures and then both boats are off to Solomons, MD for a couple of nights.

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  1. It was great to see old friends again. It was my first Cabo Rico event with more 42s than 38s!