Saturday, October 11, 2014

Always Something New

Thursday night we got to try something new. Late in the afternoon, in preparation for our launch on Friday morning, Allan of Sailcraft drove the Marine Lift around SeaClearly and lifted her up off of the jackstands about one foot. This gave the guys enough room to scrape the bottom of the keel and get a couple of coats of paint on before the splash. Then, they all went home for the day. We were left to 'hang' overnight. This is the first time we have ever spent the night in a boat swinging in lift straps. It was a little weird. At the same time, it almost felt more natural than the previous nights sleeping on a boat that wasn't moving at all.
Hanging in the slings for our last night 'on the hard'

Earlier in the day, I changed out the anodes (zincs) on the bowthrusters. First time I had to do that. Very easy but, having never done it before, I took it very slow. 'Just unscrew that bolt and pop them off' , they said. Now, I really like my bowthrusters and didn't want to take any chances on inflicting damage on them. Like most things mechanical, it took more force than expected to 'pop' and then was suddenly apart. We now have a full complement of new zincs all around.

Early morning launch
Rig inspection

Last night, it was Junie's turn for something new. Right before we left, I had to have a pesky spot cut out of my shoulder. Too many younger days in the sun. As Tim was putting in the three stitches required, he mentioned that I would need to come back in a week to get them out. When Junie pointed out that we would already be gone, he turned to her and said, "Well, then you will have to do it." The nurse gave Junie some quick lessons and off we went.

Friday night arrives and it is time. Junie doesn't like medical - basically anything medical. Scared of needles, blood, discussions of either of the aforementioned and certainly not medical procedures. In short, this is out of her comfort zone. But, like many things we have done along the way to these adventures, if you can't do this, then you shouldn't be considering going. Quickly, and with no drama, Junie had my stitches out. High fives. Never have to do that for the first time again. Hopefully, never have to do it again. Period.

Just another in an on-going string of firsts. I read a quote the other day that seemed appropriate.
"When was the last time you did something for the first time?" We seem to be piling them up. Sometimes small, sometimes big, always interesting!

Junie polishing the topsides and smiling.
We are still waiting to get our mainsail back from Inner Banks and for Sailcraft's Mark-the-rigger-guy to give us a once-over. We will be here until at least Monday. No worries. By the time we were launched, we had a beautifully shiny hull but our topsides were covered in layers of boatyard dirt and crud. We gave SeaClearly a thorough wash and wax and started putting things back together. It won't be long before we are on our way!

Oh, wait! One last first. Junie got herself a new GoPro Hero4 Silver so we can shoot intense action videos. Or not. Either way, she is having fun with her new toy. I guess I will have to figure out how to upload videos to the blog now. A first yet to come.


  1. We were texting with some friends in Deltaville this afternoon when they sent selfie but they had heavy coats on. I asked what year this was from and he texted back that it was now . . . it was 86° in Duck. I checked the web and it was in the 50s in D-ville.

    The front is finishing up here and we're sending it on it's way to you.

  2. Jim, we escaped Oriental without any cold and very little rain so I guess we did good. At Cape Lookout this morning - did not escape the wind and rain but this is still a great spot.

  3. Oh Boy, you're in the Bight. Hopefully we'll get there in Papoose sometime soon. Post some photos of the place if you can sometime. Thanks.