Tuesday, October 28, 2014


If you have been checking our track, you can see that we couldn't seem to stop ourselves once we got offshore. We are back in sunny Florida! We pulled into Port Canaveral yesterday just after noon. We were offshore for 3 nights. We had, mostly, calm seas with a few periods of really nice sailing. We saw a lot of marine life, luminescent creatures, stars in a black, moon-less sky. Caught fish!

There is so much to tell - but I have to postpone the rest of the story for a little while. We have a couple of issues to address. Most critical, it looks as though we fried our alternator. Our friend Thierry has been warning me for 2 years that these Balmar alternators do not tolerate the heat. Our last long run in flat seas and warm waters may have pushed it over the edge. When we pulled in to refuel, I noticed that the batteries (which should have been entirely topped up) were down about 100 amp hours - which means that we had not been charging for a while.

So, today I will be working on the boat in a warm, sunny place and preparing to crack open the boat bank. Such is cruising. Details later. Gotta go do work!

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