Saturday, October 18, 2014

Time to Move.

SeaClearly - ready to move.
Waiting for us to return from
our shore excursion/
It is easy to get too comfortable sitting in a place like this. Cape Lookout definitely has an attraction. But, we are getting antsy. Ready to move. SeaClearly is egging us on. You can feel the subtle vibrations running through her. “Ready for sea.” “Prep for ocean .” “Get Underway.” She knows the drill better than we do. And she can feel when it is time to go.

We spent the day doing just that. Getting ready to go. The day started with a check-in with Chris Parker for the weather. We intend to move from here to Masonboro Inlet (Wrightsville Beach) tomorrow. Chris confirmed that the weather should work for us. A little windy and choppy when we leave at zero dark thirty but improving as we go. And, a good sailing day. It will be about a 12 hour day so we need to be moving by 5:00 am. Still dark. It looks like the boat next to us must have a similar plan. They were testing their Running Lights this evening right after we did. We put a double-reef in our mainsail (reduced the sail area) in expectation of the 25 – 30 knots winds when we leave in the morning. We even rigged our running backstays (if you really want to know what those are, email me) assuming a downwind sail in fairly windy conditions.

We did allot time in the schedule for a long walk on the beach. Man, does this place have beach. Cape Lookout has a protected east side that has built a wide, beautiful expanse of white sand that falls gently into clear water. We took our walk at low tide and, as such, we walked across areas that would be underwater a few hours later.

Several people fly-fishing. Tyler, this could be you!

Poor pelican! He picked up a full surf-fishing
rig complete with treble hooks.
Glad to see him fly away.
We were walking down the beach towards a large ‘thing’ on the beach, wondering what it could be, when we saw a group of people in front of us attracted to a pelican flapping in the surf. The large ‘thing’ became low priority as we got involved in a pelican rescue. The poor pelican had fallen victim to some fishing tackle and was foundering in the surf – unable to fly, beak pinned against his/her body. A Park Ranger was among the group of people. She was about 12 years old and doing her best to help this poor bird. The other folks were holding the pelican down while she tried to extract the treble hooks and lines.  My only contribution was providing the sharp knife to cut some lines and slice the hook free from its tongue (yikes!).  It was awesome to see this big bird fly off – hurt but free and living to see another day. 

By the way, the 'thing' on the beach turned out to be the largest boat fender  ever (ship fender, actually. About 5 feet in diameter and 12 feet long). No pictures because - who cares after an injured pelican.

This evening we were treated to the best sunset I have seen in a while. Just enough clouds to provide character but not so many as to obscure the setting sun.  This may be the last sunset we see at Cape Lookout for a long time and we enjoyed it immensely. We took dozens of pictures, none of which came close to capturing the moment, and then settled into the cockpit with a glass of red wine.
Cape Lookout Bight sunset.

We are looking forward to moving day. We are still missing Roux. He was always funny on moving-day-eve. He could tell by the preparations that something was happening and he always worried. His little Labrador Retriever eyebrows would get angled to the center and his eyes would move from me to Junie and then back to me, looking for clues about the impending deviation from normal. We miss him.

Unfortunately, it looks like our move will be followed by another sit-and-wait. The weather off of the east coast of South Carolina-Georgia-Florida looks like it is going to suck until Saturday. We will anchor out for a couple of days and then move to a marina in Southport to get laundered and tanked.  Can’t wait to start jumping south. We can feel the cold nipping at our heels.

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