Monday, November 24, 2014

Back at BlackPoint

We are anchored at Black Point, Exuma. We have been here for several days now. Not that that is a bad thing. We like Black Point. Last year, this was the furthest south that we reached on our trip before we turned and headed home. We were looking forward to getting back here with a few specific missions in mind.

First, we wanted to stop by the new preschool to drop of some supplies. Black Point is very welcoming to the cruising community and they are working very hard on their own community. The preschool is brand new, already has about a dozen students and they operate with very limited resources. We felt that this was a way that we could help the community so we had packed up an assortment of markers, pads, stickers, little toys and misc stuff.

There is no questions that we got the better end of this experience. They were incredibly grateful for the supplies. They welcomed us into the classroom and had all of the kids stand up, in their green uniforms, and thank us for the gifts. The teachers had them sing us a couple of songs that the students were working on for Christmas - Jingle Bells and Away in a Manger. Then, they put some Junkanoo music on and danced like crazy. The kids were very interested, like all kids, in getting their hands on the iPhone as we were taking pictures. Junie mentioned that we had a grand-daughter back home and they insisted on writing up a little sign, signed by a couple of the students, to take back home. As we left, we could see into the rooms of the higher-grade classes where the students were in more formal uniforms - boys in ties and matching green shirts and slacks - and they were standing up to answer questions when called upon. It was a fun visit.

The second important item on our list was laundry. Black Point has, arguably, the best laundromat in the Bahamas. Many machines, reasonable (not cheap) prices and, usually, conch fritters and carrot cake. Unfortunately, this year we are a little bit ahead on the seasonal rush and, therefore, the businesses here are just getting cranked up. There are only a few boats that have made it this far south -partly due to timing, partly due to lousy weather along the east coast of the US. Not enough people to support Lorraine's Restaurant buffets on Sunday and Wednesday. Not enough people for Ida at Rockside Laundromat to bake an entire carrot cake so Junie and I could buy one slice each. Bummer. Of course, we understand but I was sure looking forward to the food.

We did, however, manage to get a reservation for a lobster dinner at Deshamon's Restaurant on Friday night. At first, we were the only people there. We were joined later by 3 German couples who came in for pizza (which looked great). We enjoyed our dinners and then dinghied back to the boat in the dark. That always gives you pause for thought. It is pretty desolate out there at night. The wind had been blowing 20 - 30 knots all week. As we are puttering along, splashing through the waves, at night, with only a handful of boats within a mile - well,you sure hope that motor keeps working. We made it, of course, and were soon tucked into bed.

Good thing we went to dinner on Friday. A weather front came in overnight and we didn't leave the boat again until Sunday. The winds were gusting near 40 knots (about 44-48 mph) and, although SeaClearly rides these blows easily due to her weight, the dinghy ride to shore was not worth it. We read some books, planned our next trips, opened and closed hatches as the rain showers passed and, in general, hung out.

By Sunday, we had cabin fever and went into town. We walked north along the island and over to the ocean side. From there, it was obvious why we should just sit here for a few more days before moving south. Our next leg, south to Georgetown, will involve going out one of the cuts into the ocean (actually, Exuma Sound - looks like ocean), down the coast and back into Conch Cay Cut. The ocean we saw as we came over the hill was, let's say, unsettled. Three days of 30 knots winds left a turbulent, crashing sea all the way to the horizon. Junie did find her first sea biscuit on our beach walk. We went back to SeaClearly content to sit at anchor for a little longer.

Now, it looks like it will be Wednesday or Thursday before we can make our jump south.We may be sailing on Thanksgiving. We will, surely, be thinking of everyone at home and all the celebrations and missing it all very much. We have a turkey dinner, of sorts, planned but it may have to wait a day.

Blogging at Rockside Laundromat
Today, we are back at the laundry for one last load, free wifi and to sort out some Batelco data plan issues. It is a beautiful day, breezy and warm. Maybe we can find some lunch in town.


  1. Love watching your progress. I check in each day. You are getting ready for some great new places once you are past GTown. Looking forward to your travels all winter. Enjoy. I would trade the turkey and stuffing for your location any day. Finally got my Repaired Genoa back today. All clean and mended. Hope to take her out this weekend.

  2. Having a great time but wish the weather would let us make progress. Although we try hard to enjoy where we are, there is just so much more to see and places to go. Glad you are following along. Hope you did get to go sailing!