Monday, January 12, 2015

Moving Across the South Coast of Puerto Rico

We are sitting at anchor just east of Guanica behind Cayos de Cana Gorda - Gilligan's Island. There has been no sign of the castways or of the SS Minnow so we assume it was all a marketing ploy dreamed up to attract tourists. It is, however, a cool spot. When we get better internet, I will post pictures.

We moved south from Puerto Real to Cabo Rojo and then jetted around the corner on Saturday for the 22 mile trip here. The wind was forecast to pick up and we could have been stuck on the west coast for a while. At least, by taking this quick trip, we start making progress along the southern coast. And, the wind did pick up. We can sit here and watch the waves crashing over the reefs and see them rolling by in the big water just outside. We are going to sit here until at least Wednesday before we start moving east again.

Having a great time. Relaxing, playing in the water over on the mangrove islands. We visited the ferry dock restaurant and also the nearby resort, had ice cream! Tonight, we are the only boat anchored in our side of the bay. More later.

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