Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hanging around St John

If you look at our track over the last week, it doesn't appear that we have moved very far. That is because we haven't. That is not to say we have been sitting still. OK, we have spent some time just sitting still. St John has been our target for quite some time. Now that we are here, we have been able to get up in the morning, choose to do something - or nothing - and then be very comfortable with the choice. Watching the sun go down as the lights come on over on St Thomas is really nice. Throw in a full moon rising from behind and it is hard to beat. Oh, and turtles. We have a couple of big turtles that seem to be hanging out right in our neighborhood. We enjoy them. We like turtles.

In the middle of the week, we moved a couple of bays east to Francis Bay. We sailed for a couple of hours, turned into the bay, grabbed another mooring ball and went snorkeling. Right off of the boat. It was kind of a long swim but Junie was brave and we were fine. The snorkeling there was not great but the exercise was good. We only spent one night there, I think. Maybe two. We are definitely losing track of the whole day-of-the-week thing.

Francis Bay. That is St Thomas in the distance.

We jumped off of the boat and snorkeled over to that beach.

Then, we moved back near Caneel Bay because we would, eventually, need to go into Cruz Bay again and this is a convenient spot. It is a little busy with boat traffic. In addition to the Caneel Bay boats, this is a regular first-last stop for bare-boat charters. If you have to take your rented boat back to St Thomas tomorrow, this is a good last stop. Also, if you are coming back to the USVI from the BVI, this is where you can check in.

We picked a mooring ball over near the Scott Beach side hoping to steal a better free wifi signal. It was not better. We did take the opportunity to go into the Caneel Bay Resort to look around and see if anything had changed. One big improvement - they now have gelato in the gift shop! We are always in search of good gelato and this was good.

Also, our new location put us closer to Henley Cay, a small island just across the channel. We took the dinghy over to the beach there and found some of the best snorkeling ever. The island is only accessible by boat and has a wicked tide that rips back and forth. As a result, it has been somewhat protected. We drifted along looking at a great variety of corals, loads of different fish and nice rock formations. When it came time to head back towards the dinghy on the beach, it became evident just how much current there was. We had to work a little bit to kick our way back but it was definitely worth it.

We moved from one side of the bay to the other (about 500 yards,) still looking for a wifi signal strong enough for Skype and Facebook. Found it. Thursday evening, we went into the Caneel Bay Resort for a sushi dinner. It was good but, of course, over-priced. It was fun to be overlooking the bay, with SeaClearly silhouetted in the setting sun, having a nice dinner amongst the resort dwellers. Even though we cleaned up and put on our best outfits, I am sure we stood out as boaties.

Yesterday was a town day. Into Cruz Bay for laundry, lunch and groceries. Most of you know that food - restaurants or groceries - on islands ain't cheap. Groceries - especially produce, crackers, cookies and meats- are about twice as expensive as mainland. Basically, anything that spoils or anything that is light for its volume demands a premium price. Taking the dinghy to town is always fun, though. Cruising into the dock to tie up, drag all of your stuff up the hills on a cart, around town, in and out of stores. It sounds like work but it is sort of funny. I guess we should ask someone to take that picture.

While we were in town, we stopped at the National Park office and pre-paid for another three nights on mooring balls. We can use any of the mooring balls around St John so that works out good. We can move wherever we want. Assuming we move. We are planning to get around to the south coast of St John. Maybe today. We'll see.

It is a very quiet morning sitting here off of Honeymoon Beach. I can hear a few chickens and, humorously, the donkeys on St John are being rowdy this morning and hee-hawing loudly. Not something I have heard often. We are missing everybody. Sorry for the lack of postings. We are wrapped up in hanging out in St John.

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