Monday, April 13, 2015

Voyages of Discovery

This journey has expanded our range of emotions beyond what we thought possible. We have been deliriously happy. Sometimes just nearly delirious. We have been apprehensive and we have been fearless. We have been proud and we have questioned our competence.  We have seen each other at our best and at our lowest. We have made choices and decisions that have alternately smoothed our course or have taken us through bumpy, uncharted territory.  We have learned that smoother is not always better.

We wonder how the experience has changed us. Certainly, we are different at some level. Does it rise to the surface, reflect in our eyes or in our manner? Probably not.  We still feel like the same unlikely adventurers that we were. We still have the same, possibly unfounded, faith that everything will work out.  We know how lucky we are to have this chance in life. Everyone dreams. Sometimes dreams become plans. But life is not always kind and many dreams never reach fruition in the time we are given. For this chance, we are grateful.

We didn’t know we were adventurous but we knew we were persistent. We didn’t know exactly where we were going but we knew we could depend on each other. And we knew, beyond doubt, that we only wanted to go there together.

And, while all of these things can accurately be said about our journeys on SeaClearly, that is not what I am talking about. Our present endeavor is just a subset of a much larger Voyage of Discovery for Junie and me. We are very proudly approaching, in a few days, our 20th wedding anniversary.  Interesting that, in thinking about the two journeys, all of the same statements apply. I am sure that it is not coincidence. 

Tonight, we are anchored  just off the north shore of Rose Island. The lights of Nassau and the imposing structures of Atlantis shine a few miles away to the west. We moved here from the Exumas a couple of days ago to stage ourselves for arrival at the Atlantis Marina on Wednesday or Thursday. We will celebrate our anniversary at Atlantis! This also completes the family trifecta – we met Jeffrey and Alyssa in Puerto Rico, Emily and Tyler in the Virgin Islands and now, Dusty, Holly and grand-daughter Reagan in the Bahamas. Not bad!

Where have we been in the mean time? Wow. Long Island, Cat Island, the Exumas – Black Point, Warderick Wells Cay (Emerald Rock), Shroud Cay, Highbourne Cay. Now here.  I wish I could explain my lack of blog posts by hiding behind poor internet connectivity. Really, I just got lazy. In truth, our data connection has been marginal and I could not have included pictures. Who wants all these words with no pictures? We have had some very cool field trips and met so many interesting people that I think it unfair to try to tell the stories without the pics. I will get that together soon.

Preview: Deans Blue Hole. The Hermitage. Dinghy trip through the mangroves to the sea. Action Jackson, Fire Limbo King.

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