Monday, June 6, 2016

A year gone by...

Somehow, a full year has gone by since we posted anything to this blog. It is not because nothing happened. But, since this is a sailing blog (mostly), and we have been woefully short in the sailing department, the blog had run dry. We had decided to stay around home for the winter for several significant family events. They were, indeed, wonderful times that could not, should not, have been missed. Grand babies, graduation, moving and moving on. But, we had an undercurrent of feeling sorry for ourselves. A winter of our discontent, so to speak, waiting to be made glorious summer. We have learned to dislike the cold.

SeaClearly got a full winterization for the dark months of December - March in York River Yacht Haven. If you are not familiar with winterizing a boat, let me tell you, it ain't fun. It feels like you are mummifying your boat for internment in a pyramid. Pumping antifreeze into her veins. Sucking the life out of a living, breathing, cruising machine. And, once you have, effectively, rendered her dormant, you walk away. Because once the water is turned off in the marina to avoid freezing all of the pipes, staying aboard becomes less attractive. No heat, no fresh water, long walks through the snow to the restrooms - no fun. So, SeaClearly sat in the slip and shivered all alone.

Baby Tilly on the settee
We, on the other hand, sat in our house in the Outer Banks and burned firewood. In fact, we burned an entire cord of firewood. But we didn't have to sit alone. There is a new addition to our crew for this year. Tilly (short for Tiller) is our Yellow Lab that is just now passing 10 months old. Tilly is a spirited young puppy/dog that has kept us endlessly busy and entertained. She only got a few sailing trips as a small puppy before winter settled in but she has spent a lot of time on the boat already. She has made some significant steps toward earning her 'Boat Dog' status. She can easily climb (actually, run) up and down the companionway steps. She enjoys a dinghy ride. Importantly, Junie started working with her very early to go pee (etc) on a rectangle of fake grass. That training has carried over, successfully, to the boat and will be a big help for all of us as we embark on our sailing adventures.

Medium Tilly sleeping in the cockpit

Large Tilly - just like Roux, always in the galley

So, here we are, a year later and working to get ourselves out of the slip and on to new places. Right now, it looks like today is the day for cutting the docklines. Not literally. Our first move will be just around the corner to somewhere in Mobjack Bay. We may have gotten a little rusty over the winter. Certainly, a lot of other things on SeaClearly got rusty (Don't worry. All polished up now). There is a lot to remember and, of course, we have a new puppy. She has no idea what is about to happen to her life. We will hang around in the lower Bay for a short while to acclimate/re-acclimate to living the transient life in a moving home. Based on how things go (with us and with Tilly) we will decide whether to go up the Chesapeake or straight out into the ocean to start our trip north to Maine.

York River Yacht Haven has been very good to us. We never feel like we deserve the wonderful friends we make along the way. We will be sad leaving even though we want, very much, to get underway again. We came here just to park the boat for a year but our time at York River Yacht Haven has been a far more significant chapter in our lives than we could ever have imagined.

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