Thursday, June 23, 2016

Harness Creek respite

June 16, 2016

Harness Creek is just south of Annapolis and is a very popular anchoring spot. As I mentioned before, on weekends it is a raft-up, good times, enjoy the summer kind of place. It is also one of the most protected anchorages you will ever see. In fact, there is a small cove just off of the creek called Hurricane Hole. Big enough for one, maybe two, boats, just barely deep enough to get in, small enough to run lines to the trees to tie off for added protection. Fortunately for us, we don’t need that. Although, we did come here, partly, for the protection since the weather called for potentially severe thunderstorms and strong northeast winds.

One of several excellent trails in Quiet Waters Park
The east side of Harness Creek is also the home of Quiet Waters Park. It is a beautiful little county park with a variety of stuff. Tilly only cared about one – trails through the woods. A puppy can only take so much of being stuck on a boat with two old people before they need an outlet for the stored up energy. And she found heaven in the woods of the park. 

Her second favorite part of Harness Creek was the dinghy rides around the creek and over to the dinghy dock at the kayak rental shack.

SeaClearly in Harness Creek just off of the park.

But, here's the deal. The weather keeps screwing with us. We delayed moving north because there was – absolutely – going to be a tropical storm forming off the coast. Didn’t happen. Then we ducked into Harness Creek to hide from those storms and winds. Didn’t happen. As we looked at the weather and the constantly improving outlook, we could sit no longer. 

Imagine Tilly’s distress when we started saying words like ‘move’ and ‘north’ and ‘canal’. When the little rubber boat gets lifted up out of the water, her ears go back and her smile goes away for a while. She knows we are moving on. ‘Why, oh why, would we ever leave this place? Or, for that matter, the last place? Are we homeless?’

No, Tilly, we are not homeless. Our home moves. And today, we are headed to a staging anchorage very near the entrance to the C & D canal. We have some wind on our nose but not much. The bigger picture is that we have a good shot at making it through the canal to the Delaware Bay and, then after a brief stop at another anchorage, down to Cape Henlopen at the mouth of the bay. The ocean. We have not been in the ocean for way too long. So, off we go.

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