Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day

One of many pictures Junie took of
the Statue of Liberty as we passed
through New York City on June 24
Happy Fourth of July from SeaClearly!

This is my first real-time post in a while. I have fallen miserably behind as we moved north up through New York, Long Island Sound and, now, Cape Cod. I will have to fill in the empty pages at some point. Junie has been taking a ton of pictures and there are a lot of words that need to be written. But, on this beautiful day, we are coming to you live from Provincetown, MA - all the way out at the very tip of the cape.

Me with the outboard.
We are glad to live in a country where we have the freedom to move about and express ourselves. Provincetown is well known for its' freedom of expression so I guess it is a good place to be on Independence Day. Unfortunately for us (and Tilly), our dinghy outboard is expressing its' independence and has not been working for two days. We may have picked up some bad gas somewhere. I spent all day yesterday tearing apart the engine to no avail. All I got was a sunburn. So we won't be seeing P-town for now. In the islands, when things go sideways, we would say, 'It ain't all sunsets and Pina Coladas'. Here, I guess we have to say, 'It's not all quaint hahbahs and lobsta'.

Cape Cod summer in full swing


Harbor cruise

Tilly was distraught. We anchored at the far side of the cove near the beach in order to give Tilly a chance to run (which she needs desperately and loves to do). We took the dinghy down having no idea that it was not going to run. She was all prepared for her trip to that glorious beach only a 100 yards off of the stern. That didn't happen. She eventually realized that the rubber ferry was not running that day and relieved herself on the fake grass at the bow. All day long we watched as hundreds of people showed up in every manner of boat to play on the beach. Dogs were barking, people were swimming, radios blaring - classic summer. And we were confined to the boat. Still, all in all, a beautiful day and great place to be.

Tilly also got to see her first marine mammals. We have seen plenty of dolphins along the way but Tilly has never quite spotted them. Like most dogs, when you get excited and start talking in a high voice saying, "Look Tilly, look over there!!", she looks at you and misses the show. But yesterday, while bored out of her mind waiting for me to fix the dinghy, she suddenly jumped up, ran back and forth, came to get us with a look that said, "Did you see THAT! There's something in the water! Look, look over there!" She had spotted one of the seals cruising around the harbor amongst the boats and people. Funny to watch. We didn't get a good picture of one of them yet but I am sure we will.

We came in late the other evening and anchored as the sun was already down. Never a great idea. We ended up a little too close to the shore for comfort. The bottom drops off very steeply and the tide here is nearly 12 feet. As such, at low tide in the middle of the night, we had less that a foot of water left under SeaClearly. We took up enough chain to drag us into slightly deeper water but yesterday afternoon we moved out to a deeper spot. Now we have 60 feet of water even though we are only 200 feet form our original spot.

We will be trying to fix the gas issue today but probably move on tomorrow regardless. We hope everyone enjoys the day. Be safe and celebrate!

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