Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rockland Recap

The Monhegan rusting away.
We are at anchor way out in Rockland Harbor, near the breakwater and all by ourselves. Our closest neighbor, on a mooring , is a former ferry/floating restaurant named Monhegan. She is looking a little decrepit after two years of sitting untended. Apparently, her illustrious career ended when her owner died and the inheritance was unappreciated by a daughter. Sad to see any boat fading away.

The breakwater is much more of an attraction than I would have expected. It is nearly a mile long, built by the Army Corps of Engineers, entirely out of locally quarried granite, in 1890. There is a small park and access trail on shore. There is a constant stream of people making the long trek out the uneven stone wall to the lighthouse at the end. So popular that, despite warning signs at the park regarding the possibility of being struck by lightning and killed, people continued to hike the wall in the afternoon storms. Near the shore end, there is a dinghy dock which makes access for us very easy. Tilly has been very happy with the arrangement.

The breakwater - so long that you can barely make
out the lighthouse way out at the end.
Our dinghy at the dock in the foreground.

The huge granite blocks make for uneven walking.
Another of the warnings posted indicates possible
serious injuries from falling on the rocks.

Clearly, we are not the first people to find the
breakwater an interesting place to stroll.
The original Samoset resort on the bluff - long
since burned down but quite a place.

The Samoset Resort sits on the bluff at the beginning of the breakwater overlooking Penobscot Bay. It has been there in one form or another just about as long as the breakwater. We didn't visit but it looks nice - golf course overlooking the water, nice grounds. All of these things together add up to a nice view from SeaClearly while we sit for a couple of days.

Part of the Samoset golf course overlooking the Bay.

Tilly on the beach. Not really a swimming beach but
she enjoyed the walks, the sights and the smells.

SeaClearly - a long way from town.
But, we are way out of town. It is a long dinghy ride to anything other than the breakwater. Fortunately, we did get permission to access a dinghy dock that provided the shortest possible walk (two blocks) to the grocery and laundry. The dinghy rides were long and a bit damp but easy enough.

Our outboard continues to give us trouble. Either we picked up some horrendously foul gas or the fuel lines have been eaten by ethanol. I have removed and cleaned the carburetor three times now. The motor runs great right after cleaning but gets progressively worse with use. We need to entirely replace the fuel and maybe some lines. For now, we keep nursing it along. I'm getting faster and faster at removing and cleaning. It occurred to me that there have been several occasions in my life when I thought to myself, 'Why am I, once again, getting really good at something I don't even want to do?'

When we went to bed last night, we knew there was a chance of thunderstorms but the last look at the radar indicated that the next band might miss us. It did. But the 3:00 am batch of storms rolled right over us. I heard the wind coming across the harbor (yes, from a sound sleep. It was loud.) and we jumped up to close the few ports and hatches that were open. The winds clocked up to 35 knots in the middle of the storm but it wasn't too bad. We still put an assortment of radios and electronics in the oven for safe-keeping just in case. Tilly joined us on storm watch as we kept track of our position to make sure the anchor held. No issues. By 4:00 we were all back in bed and back to sleep.

We spent today relaxing and hanging around. We fixed our grill last week by replacing the controller with the correct type so, today, we could grill hot dogs (for chili dogs) and fresh corn that we picked up at Hannaford's (yet another grocery chain). We are ready to move on again. Junie has several Penobscot Bay stops laid out as we work our way towards Bar Harbor by mid-August to meet son Jeffrey. Our next destination is Pulpit Harbor for a couple of days then on to new places!

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