Friday, March 24, 2017

Abacos Photo Montage

March 11 - 13 Great Sale - Crab Cay

Leaving Great Sale Cay. Really not much to stay for
as far as we could tell. Just a place to stop.
Crab Cay (one of several Crab Cays in the Bahamas) was
a good stop and had some cool stuff going on. Dolphins,
rays, turtles, barracuda, starfish - fun. 

It also had some neat ledges. We looked for lobster but didn't
see any hiding in the holes.

Tilly got her beach time and a dinghy ride.

Fortunately, we had leftover lobster from
our lunch back at Little Grand Cay. We carried
on our Maine tradition of Lobster Rolls!
These happen to be Connecticut style - sauteed
with butter and green onions.
Table with a view.

Laundry day at Crab Cay included Tilly toys.

Full moon rising.
March 13 - 16 Manjack Cay, Green Turtle Cay
The forecast for severe winds drove us to change anchorages
to Manjack Cay and, then, into the marina at
the Green Turtle Club. 

Our dockhand, Gary, was one of the
best we ever had. After we fueled up at the fuel dock, Gary
jumped on the boat with us to help us manage the lines
as we backed SeaClearly into her slip.
You can just see SeaClearly at center top of photo.
Later, the mega-yachts showed up and we disappeared behind them.

Tilly, smiling at the prospect of a few days at a marina.

An inter-island ferry.
We rented a Golf Cart to go visit New Plymouth Settlement
on the other end of the island with friends Richard and Robin. They
are fellow Cabo Rico owners on a 38 named 'Buiochas'. We ran into
each other a few days before as we were leaving Great Sale and
ended up in the same place a few times.

Lunch at Harvey's in New Plymouth

Table by the beach

Beautiful water at the end of every road.

We were quite the cart load since Tilly joined us for the day.

March 16 - 18 South of Green Turtle Cay
No, this is not a tropical drink. Junie started
re-sprouting the green onions after we cut them
off. Now, we have perpetual green onions.

When we left the marina, the weather still seemed a little unsettled to
make the trip through Whale Cay Cut so we just went around the corner
and anchored south of Green Turtle Cay. Beautiful beach. The next island,
No-Name Cay, is another Bahamian island with swimming pigs.
We skipped that one. Tilly enjoyed our beach until she was worn out.

White, soft sand.

Add dog to water. The very picture of enthusiasm.

The family car on South Green Turtle Cay beach

Homemade pizza night on SeaClearly!
March 18 - 24 Through Whale Cay Cut, Great Guana Cay, South of Marsh Harbour, then back up to Treasure Cay
We thought we had a great anchorage around Great Guana Cay with a cute little
beach bar only to be run off by wind from the wrong direction - in this case, west.
After a couple of days hiding from windy cold front conditions,
we finally sailed (the full cutter rig) back towards Treasure Cay to escape from yet
another predicted wind event - east, this time.
Friends Bo and Joyce, whom we have known since York River Yacht Haven,
joined us at the Treasure Cay Marina. We picked up a rental car to go shopping
at Maxwell's in Marsh Harbour, toured the island and then
dinner at Colors By The Sea!

SeaClearly, once again, impatiently waiting for us to move on.

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