Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Moving towards Melbourne at Manatee Speed

We are in a waiting place. The weather wants to keep us from crossing to the Bahamas for a little longer. We have hung out here in Titusville for a week and we are ready to move on but we won't be going very far or very fast. We could probably have been moving down the ICW the last couple of days but we chose to take care of a few things while we were parked in the marina. It makes stuff a little easier. Things like carting groceries to the boat, changing oils and fluids, laundry (always) and, of course, dog walking.

Tilly at the park - desperately trying to retrieve two balls at once.

Dolphin show in the fairway.

I drug out my guitar again to join a second local jam session. The group grew to seven and included a mandolin this time. What we were lacking in talent and skill we made up for with reckless abandon and humor. It was fun and good to play with other folks.

View from the picnic tables right out the channel.

Walkway from our dock towards the dogpark

Now, we are set to move in the morning. We can't see a long enough weather window to even go out into the ocean to move south so we will start down the waterway towards Melbourne, Vero Beach and, eventually, Fort Pierce. The wind is supposed to kick up Friday through Sunday so we may just anchor someplace and sit out the blow. Hopefully, by the time we make Fort Pierce, a crossing window will appear and we can finally leap across the Gulf Stream. If not, we will make one more leap south to Lake Worth.

We have been visited by several manatees during the week. They are odd creatures. Sometimes, they just sit - well, float - wherever. Sometimes they are swimming, with resolute purpose, to nowhere in particular. They are always looking for fresh water from any source. Some of them are huge. Most of them have scars across their backs from encounters with boats. I wouldn't call them pretty or cute, exactly, but they are interesting.

Manatee drinking water dripping from the hose.
They are so weird.

This guy was just lounging between our boat and the next.
Manatees do everything reeeaaalll slloooww.

Even so, it is hard to get a good picture. And they get boring
to watch fairly quickly. Tilly wasn't quite sure what to
make of them. Not as fun as dolphins, for sure.

We are having a good time so it doesn't really matter if our progress is slow. We found some good restaurants (El Tucan on Merritt Island - great Mexican / Cuban). As always, we have met great people - our slip neighbors Jack and Julie, Don and Rocket (Chocolate Lab) whom we met previously in St Augustine, my guitar buddies. Oh, and one a**hole at the dog park but that is fairly typical. A**holes are not indigenous to any particular part of the country - they're everywhere.

Our next update will probably come from a windy anchorage somewhere along the ICW. But, at least we will have moved! We will keep you posted.

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