Sunday, July 8, 2018

Burnt Island

We have moved on from Boothbay but still have not put the near-disaster behind us yet. Every now and then one of us will say, " Man, that was close.", and the other will say, "Yes, it was."

This is where Mooring Ball 6 ended up.
At least we would have crashed on the rocks in front
of a pretty house. It looks so peaceful without the wind
and waves.
We got a couple of follow-ups to the story. There is a very nice restaurant at Carousel Marina called The Whale's Tale. It overlooks the harbor and the mooring field. Apparently, as we were headed for the rocks, the entire restaurant emptied out onto the deck to watch. When we finally managed to pull our ass out of the fire, the whole group cheered. Nice support.

The moorings, it turned out, had been checked fairly recently. The owner had already contacted the diver to come back and check them again by 7:00 am the following morning. The winds during our adventure were clocking around 35 knots. Not tremendous but not insignificant.

In the morning, we filled our water tanks and got 10 gallons of diesel and waved Boothbay good-bye. We headed off to a small island with little to recommend it. They do have a 'Living History' tour that includes guides that are playing the children of the lighthouse keeper. But they only do that on Monday and Thursday. Last night, there was no one here. Just us. The weather was nearly flat calm. And we were safely anchored far offshore with 3 1/2 miles of drag space behind us.

SeaClearly anchored off of Burnt Island. One of several
Burnt Islands in Maine. They like reusing names.

Tilly, using her new shoes on the rocky island. She is not thrilled
but, being Tilly, she does whatever you ask her to do.

Clear water, rocky shore. Not exactly a 'beach' like we
are used to from the Outer Banks.

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