Thursday, July 5, 2018

Scituate to Isle of Shoals

June 26-29, 30

We had decided that, once we turned the corner at the end of Long Island Sound, we would not turn on the running lights again until September – in other words, no more overnight runs for a while. We scoped out Scituate, MA as an easy run up the coast and a nicely protected harbor. The wind was supposed to kick up and bring some storms with it. Scituate seemed like a good enough spot.

The Number 1 thing to do in Scituate?
Visit the lighthouse.

And it was nice enough. Frankly, not a lot going on. If you look up the list of ‘Top Things to do in Scituate’, only one of them is actually in Scituate. Otherwise, it was just a crowded harbor full of mooring balls. The launch drivers were nice, and we didn’t need our dinghy. The weather was exactly as predicted so one day was a total washout. 
Of course, we were parked right in front of it.

We did walk to town for a great lunch at Galley restaurant. We ended up renting a (ridiculously expensive) car for a day and scored some groceries, toured around the area and found more good food at Jake’s Seafood Restaurant over in Hull, MA. Then we left, feeling like we had wasted some time but we did need the place to hide.

Our next destination was a repeat – Isle of Shoals, Gosport Harbor. We went there two years ago for a couple of days. This time we were planning just one night. It is nice, sometimes, to know what to expect. We knew that, if we arrived slightly after high tide, there would be a beach, of sorts, for Tilly.

Calm day on the ocean.

The day started off nice and just got better as we went. The ocean was flat and silky. We kept watching all day for whales. We were exactly where they should be. Right time of year. We saw a few seals. It is so funny to see their little heads pop up. We saw thousands of lobster pots – OK, maybe hundreds.

Passing the lighthouse on Lunging Island

We were approaching Isle of Shoals contemplating a different channel through some rocks by the lighthouse when a black, smooth form arched through the water just ahead. Whale! Finally! Only a couple of miles from our destination. No pictures. Taking pictures of whales swimming usually end up as pictures of swirling seawater because you missed it.

Star Island Retreat

We cruised into the harbor and found an open mooring ball – a big blue one marked PCYC – and latched on. We had a quiet evening. Tilly got her trip to shore. Once night settled in it sounded like some sort of relaxation tape – waves lapping, buoy bell ringing in the distance, seagulls crying. We all slept great.

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